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Press Release: EOS International [April 16, 2012]

EOS International Announces New York Law Institute Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Release New York Law Institute and EOS International Partner on Custom ILL Development

Carlsbad, CA - April 16, 2012) EOS International, a leader in cloud computing library automation software, is pleased to announce the release of the new custom ILL Development with the New York Law Institute (NYLI). The vision of the New York Law Institute (NYLI) is to provide its members with state-of-the-art access to multiple sources of legal information, including current treatises, journals, historical, archival, and hard to find materials.

Due to the ever-increasing budgetary pressure on law firm libraries, The New York Law Institute and EOS International have released a next-generation Inter-Library Loan (ILL) module that provides information on a Just-In-Time basis as opposed to Just-In-Case. This will enable NYLI member libraries that use EOS.Web to maximize the value of their membership and effectively manage their information budgets.

This new feature will enable EOS' clients to easily request NYLI union catalog items from their EOS.Web OPAC. With a single login, EOS.Web OPAC users will have access to all available union catalog resources. Local search results are displayed first, followed by all other available items. The OPAC displays location, real time availability, local call numbers, author, title, and publisher. This complete information enables the user to immediately determine if the item they are seeking is available.

The NYLI-EOS ILL partnership will enable effective information and budget management for all NYLI members who use EOS.Web.

About EOS International

EOS International is a world-class library information and knowledge management software and services provider, with an impressive client base of libraries worldwide. EOS is a client-driven company that has earned top customer satisfaction awards and a nomination for the prestigious Computerworld Smithsonian award. EOS software and services include EOS.Web Essentials, EOS.Web Express, EOS.Web Enterprise, EOS.Web Academic, EOS.Web Legal, EOS.Web Medical, EOS.Web Digital, EOS e-Library Service) and online content that serve the stringent knowledge and content management needs of corporate, legal, medical, government, academic, association, digital, and special libraries. EOS International can be found online at

Summary: EOS International announced the release of the new custom ILL Development with the New York Law Institute.
Publication Year:2012
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:April 16, 2012
Publisher:EOS International
Company: EOS International

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