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Press Release: Book Systems [November 23, 2010]

Selma City Schools Purchased Atriuum

Book Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that Selma City Schools in Selma, Alabama recently purchased Atriuum for their 11 school libraries.

School Vision: Selma City School System will be seen as a world-class learning institution that promotes excellence in education.

School Mission: Selma City School system's mission is to provide a nurturing environment which promotes academic excellence as we prepare our students to compete in a global society.

Atriuum's software will assist the students, teachers and parents in reaching the mission outlined by the School Board. At Book Systems, we stay up-to-date in the world of programming and product development. Selma City School librarians will be able to add extra content such as images, media clips, scanned documents, URLS, and book covers to bibliographic records to offer a richer search experience for patrons using the OPAC.

Atriuum is a leader in professionally meeting its clients needs. Book Systems, Inc. offers great assistance and training during the transition to Atriuum. The following are just a few of the features the Librarian Desktop has to offer:

  • Flexible Interface and Design
  • Configurable Navigational Toolbar
  • Twitter and RSS Capabilities
  • Viewable Calendar, Librarian News and Messages, and Stats

About Book Systems Inc.

Book Systems Inc. provides affordable feature-rich library and textbook software that delivers solutions to libraries and schools of all sizes. Our software is suited to fit the needs of librarians in a technology driven world, while still being easy to learn and user-friendly. Atriuum offers an easy-to-use circulation desk, quick cataloging, MARC editing, analysis, easy-to-create reports, theme choices, serials, and acquisitions. Our software provides more features and demands fewer resources. Book Systems is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction, and has implemented library automation solutions in thousands of libraries around the world. The company's philosophy is very simple: create quality products; test them with input and direction from librarians in the field, and back them up with renowned customer service and support. Further information is available at

Summary: Book Systems announced that Selma City Schools in Selma, Alabama recently purchased Atriuum for their 11 school libraries.
Publication Year:2010
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:November 23, 2010
Publisher:Book Systems
Company: Book Systems
Products: Atriuum
Libraries: Selma City Schools
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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