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Press Release: VTLS, Inc. [November 20, 2009]

VTLS Virtua attractive to diverse organizations in Malaysia

Six different organizations from six different areas of activity recently selected the VTLS Virtua system for their information needs. The six different areas are a university, a state library, a government ministry, a security company, a foundation, an industry board and a development corporation. In addition to Virtua, some libraries have also purchased VITAL and Visualizer.

The National Defense University of Malaysia, also know as Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM), selected VTLS for managing its book and digital collections. The system will run on a SunSPARC Enterprise M4000 server, which will be used as the application/database server. The Web OPAC server is a Sun Fire X2100 M2 x64 Server. Customer access will be through normal PCs, as well as 18 Sun Ray Thin Clients. UPNM is migrating from a local library system, and in addition to Virtua, will be using XBS. UPNM was established as the Armed Forces Academy in 1995. With an expansion of its role, they were upgraded to university status in 2006. Their graduates are now serving in the military, naval, air and civil defense forces of Malaysia.

The Selangor State Library, also known as Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor (PPAS), is a public library network that serves the reading and knowledge needs of the citizens of the state of Selangor. The main library at PPAS is the Raja Tun Uda library in the city of Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor. The library system has more than 90 units consisting of 7 Regional libraries, 4 branches, 6 town libraries, 70 village libraries and several mobile units. In the initial phase of the installation PPAS is automating the main library, as well as the nine other remote locations, by replacing two different library systems that were used by different locations. Data migration is performed by the local VTLS office in Malaysia, involving data for about 1.8 million item records and 62,000 patron records and more than 600,000 circulations per year. Special collections include the Selangor Collection, which manages all materials regarding the State of Selangor, in the form of digital, print, manuscript, pamphlets, maps and photographs. Printed materials can be viewed in the Reference section, while digital materials can be accessed online through the libraryís terminals.

In addition to the libraries, PPAS also manages as many as 84 IT Community Centers that were established by the state government with the aim to narrow the digital divide.

PPAS is the 3rd pubic library in Malaysia that has selected VTLS for their automation system and joins a community of 56 VTLS customers in Malaysia.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) appropriately selected Virtua for managing its small library of technological innovations. They are migrating to VTLS Virtua from a local system. The MOSTI Resource Centre, which was established in 1992, is one of the units of the Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre (MASTIC). The Resource Centre was formerly located at the Sime Darby building in Kuala Lumpur and was moved to the present premise in Putrajaya in 2003. MOSTI is a staff only library, although others can apply for temporary reference access.

The library collection focuses on science and technology and related subjects like management, law and public administration. The collection also provides access to in-house MOSTI publications in the form of books, bulletins, seminar/conference papers, project papers, annual reports, training projects, book review and periodicals.

Cybersecurity Malaysia has an independent Virtua system. It provides security-based services to internet users in Malaysia. It operates under the purview of MOSTI and their goal is to continuously study, analyze, research and innovate in order to stay ahead and maintain a technological edge in protecting the sovereign interests of Malaysia.

CyberSecurity Malaysia has gone through several name changes. Its operation began in 1997 as the Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT). In 1998, it became the National ICT Security & Emergency Response Centre (NISER) and by 2007, NISER underwent another transformation and was renamed CyberSecurity Malaysia.

It runs the Cyber999TM Help Centre for Malaysian Internet users. It also provides safety tips, advisories, and specialized services in the fields of cyber security such as Digital Forensics and Wireless Security. In addition, it runs a Training Centre for professional certification; manages an Outreach Portal and is the sole certification body for Common Criteria (ISO 15408) in Malaysia. In addition to Virtua Cybersecurity Malaysia purchased the VTLS Fastrac RFID.

The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur promotes Japanese cultural exchange interests in Malaysia and provides reading materials in several languages. The Japan Foundation is a non-profit organization established with the purpose of promoting mutual cultural exchange between Japan and other countries. The Kuala Lumpur office was established in 1989 and its status was updated to a Cultural Centre in 1992. A Language Centre was later formed under this umbrella in 1995.

The primary objective of JFKL is to promote and support Japanese culture and studies in Malaysia. The office facilitates and supports the exchange of personnel and experts, as well as audio-visual and printed materials. Other objectives include the development of a pool of local expertise in the field of Japanese language teaching and development of teaching materials suitable for local needs. Lastly, it facilitates the exchange of information between bodies concerned with Japanese language education in the region.

The Information Center is open to both members and non-members of JFKL. It has a wide collection ranging from books, magazines, cassettes, CDs and videotapes. Reading materials are in English, Japanese and Malay, while audiovisual items are in Japanese.

Virtua replaces a homegrown system that could not be expanded. With this implementation, JFKL is able to have their online catalog in both English and Japanese.

The Malaysian Rubber Board provides services to the rubber industry in Malaysia. MRB is the custodian of the rubber industry in Malaysia. Established in 1998, it has under its fold three well-established agencies, the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM), the Malaysian Rubber Research and Development Board (MRRDB) and Malaysian Rubber Exchange and Licensing Board (MRELB). These agencies have contributed significantly to the development of the natural rubber industry for over 75 years, and have had considerable impact on the natural rubber industry in Malaysia and other producing countries. Their collection deals with technical and business information useful to the various rubber product manufacturers in Malaysia.

The main library was set up at the inception of RRIM in 1925. It has gained national and international recognition as one of the chief information resource centre on rubber. It is also one of the largest research libraries in the country, housing a respected collection of scientific and technical literature on rubber and related information in support of the Boardís activities. A branch library was set up in 1986 at Sg Buloh, which is thirty-five km from Kuala Lumpur, to cater for the research needs at the RRIM Technology Centre and the RRIM Experimental Station. This was later transferred to the RRIM Training Centre when it was opened in 1996.

The VTLS products purchased by the Malaysian Rubber Board are Virtua, Vital and Visualizer. This implementation replaces an existing management system for the organizationís publications (books and journals), newspaper clippings, patents, and high-resolution photographs. Multiple VITAL repositories will be used to manage photographs, full-text documents, e-books, e-journal articles, online databases as well as a Human Resource repository.

About VTLS Inc.

VTLS Inc. ( , a leading library automation company in business for over 30 years, provides visionary technology in library solutions to a diverse customer base of more than 900 libraries in over 32 countries. Virtua is our premier ILS solution, Visualizer is our facet-based data discovery tool, Fastrac is our RFID technology, and we also provide cutting edge software and services for Digital Libraries with Digital Imaging and VITAL, our Repository Services solution. VTLS is one of the few ISO 9001:2000 quality certified companies within the library industry.

Summary: Six different organizations from six different areas of activity recently selected the VTLS Virtua system for their information needs. The six different areas are a university, a state library, a government ministry, a security company, a foundation, an industry board and a development corporation. In addition to Virtua, some libraries have also purchased VITAL and Visualizer.
Publication Year:2009
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:November 20, 2009
Publisher:VTLS, Inc.
Company: VTLS, Inc.
Products: Virtua
Libraries: National Defense University of Malaysia
Selangor State Library
Raja Tun Uda Library
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
Cybersecurity Malaysia
Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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