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Press Release: Index Data [December 15, 2008]

Relais International and Index Data announce partnership

December 15, 2008. Relais International and Index Data announce a partnership to offer a next generation standards based Resource Sharing solution. The combination of Index Data's meta- search engine with Relais International's renowned resource sharing software will result in a ‘seamless end to end discovery to delivery' solution for Resource Sharing.

Users will be able to search simultaneously across multiple catalogs and databases. Once results are displayed, the availability for items of interest will be checked and the user may submit a request. For libraries that may need to place limits on what can be requested, additional checking will be done based on the user profile.

When the item of interest is not available locally or through another member of a consortium a request may be placed that is sourced from an another library or via a utility or document delivery service such as OCLC, Rapid ILL, the British Library, CISTI, Libraries Australia. A wide range of options allows each library to define local preferences, policies and procedures.

Industry standards, such as Z39.50 and NCIP underlie this Resource Sharing solution providing a framework for moving resource sharing into a new paradigm.

Clare MacKeigan, Chief Operating Office of Relais International, says that "we are very excited to work with Index Data - an industry leader, and move resource sharing to the next level. Libraries want to offer their users access to a full range of discovery and delivery options. Our joint offering will make this a reality."

"We are delighted to be integrating our metasearch technology into Relais' products," says Lynn Bailey, CEO of Index Data. "Not only will this allow for important short-term enhancements, but it opens up a range of exciting possibilities for future innovation. Meanwhile, Relais helps us enhance our line of infrastructure components to the benefit of the entire library community."

About Relais International

Relais International Inc is based in Ottawa, Canada and has been selling systems to support interlibrary loan and document delivery services since 1996. Relais International ( assists libraries in implementing intelligent and automated methods to support the delivery of documents. Relais products range from scanning stations through to fully integrated request management, scanning and delivery software suitable for a single library through to a consortium.

About Index Data

Index Data is a software development and consulting enterprise with offices in Copenhagen, the UK, Germany and the United States. We are experts in networked information retrieval and management, and have a fifteen-year history of releasing our software as open source. The Index Data mission is to use our skills and creativity to build bridges between people, technologies and organizations, and to empower information providers to deliver better, more integrated services. For more information, visit

Summary: Relais International and Index Data announce a partnership to offer a next generation standards based Resource Sharing solution. The combination of Index Data’s metasearch engine with Relais International’s renowned resource sharing software will result in a seamless end to end discovery to delivery solution for Resource Sharing.
Publication Year:2008
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:December 15, 2008
Publisher:Index Data
Company: Index Data

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