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Press Release: SirsiDynix [March 1, 2007]

SirsiDynix Enterprise Portal Solution, Rooms go live at Arcadia University

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 1, 2007 -- SirsiDynix, the global leader in strategic technology solutions for libraries, announced today that Arcadia University's Landman Library in Glenside, Pa., has begun using the SirsiDynix Enterprise Portal Solution (EPS) and the SirsiDynix Rooms content management platform.

EPS provides a single interface to all the high-quality information, resources and services offered by an institution in contexts that make sense. Rooms is a content management platform that presents content in virtual rooms, arranged according to popular subject areas, with relevant, current information and links in each room. The portal also features enhanced searching capabilities, which consolidate searching of the library catalog, the library's vast databases and the Internet into one simple search.

Eric McCloy, Arcadia University's associate director of library systems and technology, explained how this technology will benefit the library: "Our old Web site had evolved over many years, and access to our resources was inconsistent and cumbersome. Our goal in moving to Rooms is to provide clean, uncomplicated access to our resources for all of our users. The Rooms interface allows us to create a starting point for research in the variety of disciplines we offer our students. In a particular room, a student can find links to the database and resources relevant to his or her topic and a search box which is pre-configured to search simultaneously all the databases relative to the topic. While we have many resources for our students, implementing EPS and Rooms will give students even better access to these resources."

As a leader in study abroad, Arcadia has many library users who study overseas for one or more semesters, while others are enrolled in distance learning classes. "By creating a Web site which delivers our resources to our students, whether they are on campus or somewhere else, we are better able to serve our diverse student population," McCloy said. "Arcadia promises its students 'a distinctively global, integrative, personal learning experience.' Toward that end, it is our vision that the library's services should support all of our students, wherever they are. Our vision is to provide our students with ready access to up-to-date research in their fields."

Tom Gates, SirsiDynix vice president, said: "By partnering with libraries, SirsiDynix helps them deliver knowledge to the people in their communities where, when and how they need it. Using leading-edge portal technologies like EPS and Rooms, Arcadia is making its resources and services more accessible and relevant to students and others who use the library."

About SirsiDynix

SirsiDynix is the global leader in strategic technology solutions for libraries -- vital institutions whose primary mission is to make sense of the vast world of information for people and communities. This is an exciting role as libraries assist people in discovering and using knowledge, resources and other valuable content for their educations, jobs and entertainment. In concert with key industry partners, SirsiDynix supports this strategic role for libraries by offering a comprehensive integrated suite of technology solutions for improving the internal productivity of libraries and enhancing their capabilities for meeting the needs of people and communities. SirsiDynix has approximately 4,000 library and consortia clients, serving more than 300 million people through more than 20,000 library outlets in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please see

About Arcadia University's Landman Library

The Arcadia University Promise affirms that students will have a distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience that prepares them to contribute and prosper in a diverse and dynamic world. Landman Library aims to support Arcadia University's academic programs, collecting and organizing books, electronic resources, films and other materials related to curricular and academic needs and interests of the college community. The library also provides reference and research assistance, classroom instruction on information literacy and a comfortable, welcoming environment with appropriate spaces and technologies for studying.

For more information about Arcadia University, visit

Summary: SirsiDynix announced that Arcadia University's Landman Library in Glenside, PA, has begun using the SirsiDynix Enterprise Portal Solution and the SirsiDynix Rooms content management platform.
Publication Year:2007
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:March 1, 2007
Place of Publication:Huntsville, AL
Company: SIRSI Corporation
Products: Rooms
Libraries: Arcadia University
Subject: System announcements -- installations

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