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Press Release: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. [January 20, 2006]

Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. and TDNet announce partnership to launch completely re-architected federated search offering

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, January 20, 2006: Endeavor Information Systems (, the leading provider of library management software, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an expanded partnership agreement with TDNet to integrate elements of the company's leading-edge technologies into select Endeavor products.

The first Endeavor product to make use of TDNet technology is a new offering called Discovery: Finder. Finder is part of a new suite of tools known as Endeavor Discovery, a family of utility products that enable users to easily retrieve, view and access the most relevant information from library resources.

"Our agreement with TDNet will enable us to build on the successful relationship we established earlier in 2005 with our Endeavor Holdings Management product and will allow us to offer our customers a more robust federated search solution," said Roland Dietz, Endeavor's President and CEO. "TDNet is well known for its powerful multi-disciplinary Knowledge Base and exceptional support capabilities, and Endeavor is proud to bring these standard-setting capabilities to its customers."

Discovery: Finder, a replacement for Endeavor's current ENCompass for Resource Access product, will utilize technology developed by TDNet for federated searching and post-search analysis and clustering across external and internal resources TDNet's unique functionality provides improved navigation of results sets by generating "on-the-fly" subject clusters or topic categories.

Endeavor will build upon these underlying technologies by adding a custom-built interface, offering the high-level of usability users have come to expect from Endeavor products. Designed primarily as a hosted solution, Discovery: Finder works "out of the box" but also offers the flexibility for interface customization -- ensuring its ability to meet the unique needs of each library. Users of the current ENCompass for Resource Access product will be migrated to the new product on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

"TDNet is very pleased to expand its working relationship with Endeavor and to provide its customers the benefit of TDNet's experience and capabilities," said Asher Sofrin, CEO and Co-Founder, TDNet Ltd. "Together we will deliver a service that enhances searching, profiling, and alerting from both internal and external sources coupled with a unique post-search analysis customizable to each user's preferences."

"Endeavor spent several months evaluating our current products and determining how we could best meet our customers' expectations and requirements," explained Sara Randall, Endeavor's Director of Strategic Products. "Our partnership with TDNet will enable us to give our customers access to some of the best and most powerful capabilities in federated searching available today. Combine that infrastructure with our intuitive and powerful user interface, and you have one exceptional federated search tool."

As announced earlier today, Endeavor has established a new, simplified naming system to reflect the major product changes within its suite of library management software offerings. Specifically, the name Discovery: Finder represents that Endeavor has a completely re-architected tool for federated searching across external and internal sources. A summary of the Endeavor product family is as follows:

  • The Endeavor Foundation Products:
    • Voyager - Endeavor's flagship integrated library management system designed specifically to meet the needs of academic and research libraries. A proven and powerful solution, Voyager enables libraries to control their diverse collection of physical assets.
    • Meridian - A breakthrough electronic resource management system that is quickly gaining recognition as the ERM system of choice among libraries around the world. Meridian provides a centralized, cost-effective system for e-resource management.
    • Curator - Endeavor's comprehensive system for searching, creating and managing a library's entire collection of digital resources. Formerly ENCompass for Digital CollectionsTM, the new Curator name serves as a strong indication of Endeavor's long term commitment to technology for the curation of digital collections. The debut of Curator will occur in mid-2006 and feature major architectural changes in terms of support for XML schemas to handle new metadata standards.
    • Journals Onsite - formerly known as ENCompass for Journals Onsite, this simplified name further reflects Endeavor's retirement of the ENCompass brand name. Journals Onsite is an enterprise-level system that enables libraries to locally store, search and browse electronic journals from any publisher in one location.
  • Endeavor Discovery layer A family of utility tools that enable users to better access library resources. Discovery: Finder, the first utility within the Endeavor Discovery suite, is Endeavor's completely re-architected federated search tool.
  • Endeavor Analyzer - Based on industry-leading business intelligence technology, Endeavor Analyzer is a comprehensive reporting and analysis add-on module that enables libraries to make data-driven decisions regarding their library collections.

About TDNet

TDNet is a leading provider of access and management solutions for electronic resources in local repositories and external sources for libraries and information centers. TDNet e-Resource Manager integrates Searcher Analyzer, Full Text Resolver, Journal Manager, and Holdings Manager. TDNet's unique service solution is based on a proprietary Knowledge Base of metadata for over 100,000 unique titles coupled with extensive experience in the information industry. TDNet provides services worldwide to hundreds of academic, medical, research, and special libraries as well as local and national consortia, enterprise information centers, and governmental agencies. Please visit TDNet at

About Endeavor Information Systems

Endeavor Information Systems produces advanced library management systems for research and public librarians seeking to integrate ever-increasing electronic resources within their collections. Since 1994, Endeavor has pioneered library management systems by offering enhanced functionality coupled with intuitive interfaces that increase usability and efficiency. Its heritage of technological innovation and service to libraries as well as its significant financial strength as a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsevier combine to make Endeavor Information Systems an industry leader. Visit Endeavor at for more information.

Summary: Endeavor Information Systems announced that it has entered into an expanded partnership agreement with TDNet to integrate elements of the company''s leading-edge technologies into select Endeavor products.
Publication Year:2006
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:January 20, 2006
Publisher:Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.
Place of Publication:Des Plains, IL
Company: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.
Products: Endeavor Discovery
Subject: Product announcements

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