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Press Release: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. [June 01, 2005]

Endeavor announces general release of new electronic resource management software, Endeavor Meridian

DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS, June 1, 2005: Endeavor Information Systems, the leading provider of library management software, is pleased to announce the first general release of Endeavor Meridian, a breakthrough enterprise-level electronic resource management system.

Providing a single, cost-effective database about a library's electronic collections, Endeavor Meridian reduces the staff effort traditionally required to manage, deliver and analyze e-content while providing improved service to patrons.

Among the first to place Meridian into full production will be Princeton University Library. Over the course of the past year, Princeton library staff members actively participated in the Endeavor Meridian development process, advising the company on key functionality and testing the software throughout development and field test cycles. Designed for growing electronic resource collections, Meridian is expected to meet Princeton's needs now and well into the future.

Tulane University also is deploying Endeavor Meridian at their Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. According to Lewis Cartee, head of the library's Systems Department, Meridian will be "intuitive for staff, thanks to the user-centered design of the product and the usability testing done by Endeavor."

During the month leading up to today's release, comprehensive field tests were conducted at two development partner sites, validating that Endeavor Meridian:

  • Enables library's to more effectively manage their growing electronic resources by supporting the complex relationships between resources, packages through which they are acquired, and the licenses that govern their use.
  • Provides staff throughout the library with easy access to the information they need in order to manage their electronic resources, from initial trial evaluations through selection, license negotiation and access management.
  • Dynamically integrates with Endeavor's Voyager ILS to present bibliographic, holdings and acquisitions data often critical to e-resource management.
  • Improves a library's ability to support a wide range of patron activities and needs, while giving staff greater control over electronic resources, which boosts their productivity and efficiency.

"The release of Endeavor Meridian reinforces the importance of meeting the needs of today's libraries with advanced technology," stated Kathryn Harnish, Meridian product manager at Endeavor. "In creating Meridian, we worked extensively with our development partners to produce software that reduces the chaos associated with e-content management."

Field tests began at partner libraries following implementation of the system with the help of sophisticated, Endeavor-developed import programs. Implementations involved loading data from a wide range of disparate sources including Voyager and other ILS systems, link resolvers, publication access management services and local databases.

With its integration of Cognos ReportNet and an interface designed for ease of use, the company's Meridian offering "is now providing libraries worldwide with the tools they need to make the best use of their growing electronic collections," says Harnish. "From the beginning of the process, our goal has been to deliver a system that provides total control over all aspects of the e-resource lifecycle. With today's release, we have accomplished that goal."

About Endeavor Meridian

Endeavor Meridian is an enterprise-level system that provides a single, cost-effective database for information about a library's electronic resources. Meridian reduces the staff effort traditionally required to manage, deliver and analyze e-content while providing improved service to information consumers. Meridian dynamically integrates with Voyager and Cognos ReportNet to create a unified solution that is cost-effective and practical for any research library with active, growing electronic resource collections.

Endeavor Information Systems

Endeavor Information Systems, based in Des Plaines, IL, produces advanced library management systems for research and public librarians seeking to integrate ever-increasing electronic resources within their collections. Since 1994, Endeavor has pioneered library management systems by offering enhanced functionality coupled with intuitive interfaces that increase usability and efficiency. Its heritage of technological innovation and service to libraries as well as its significant financial strength as a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsevier combine to make Endeavor Information Systems an industry leader. Visit Endeavor at for more information about Endeavor Meridian, Voyager, ENCompass or LinkFinderPlus.

Summary: Endeavor Information Systems announced the first general release of Endeavor Meridian, a enterprise-level electronic resource management system.
Publication Year:2005
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 01, 2005
Publisher:Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.
Place of Publication:Des Plains, IL
Company: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.
Products: Endeavor Meridian
Libraries: Princeton University Library
Subject: Product announcements

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