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Press Release: SIRSI Corporation [May 11, 2005]

Library of the Supreme Court of Canada selects Sirsi

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.—May 11, 2005—Sirsi Corporation announced today that the Library of the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, has selected the Unicorn® Library Management System along with other Sirsi solutions to improve access to legal information resources for its users – including Supreme Court Justices and law clerks, legal staff, litigants, the academic community, and other libraries. The library chose Sirsi technology to give all users barrier-free, timely access to its resources as well as to other national and international resources.

“We look forward to a productive partnership with Sirsi,” said Rosalie Fox, director of the Supreme Court of Canada Library. “Legal research has become increasingly complex as it has evolved from a primarily print-based to a print and multi-format digital environment.” Fox continued, “Most senior lawyers and librarians learned to use print research tools before online tools, while law students are focused primarily on electronic resources. Since we serve both types of researchers, we need technology that can bridge the gap between print and digital resources.”

Increased operational efficiency was another consideration. The library wanted to improve staff's ability to manage, make accessible, and integrate its electronic resources wherever they originate. Among the deciding factors for their selection of Sirsi technology were

  • Off-the-shelf, fully bilingual interfaces for patrons and staff
  • Timely release of French and English software upgrades
  • Integration of all patron services in one interface
  • Sirsi's experience with API technology, in particular to financial systems
  • Sirsi's compliance with accepted standards

Included in the library's suite of Sirsi solutions are the Unicorn Library Management System (including acquisitions and serials control modules), iLink e-library user interface, Sirsi Single Search federated search tool, Sirsi Resolver OpenURL reference linking technology, and Sirsi Director's Station business intelligence tool.

About the Supreme Court of Canada Library

The Supreme Court of Canada Library is one of the most highly valued law libraries in Canada, comprising about 350,000 volumes covering both the common law and civil law systems and with a national bilingual and bijuridicial perspective. As a research library geared to meet the immediate information needs of the Court, it provides the research base for the Court in its role of deciding questions of national importance. The Library has an extensive collection of both primary and secondary materials from the major common and civil law jurisdictions: Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, France and Belgium; a large collection of legal periodicals, loose-leaf services, and major legal texts. Located on the third floor of the Supreme Court Building and in two floors of stacks, it is open to those pleading before the Supreme Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeal, to the Canadian judiciary, to members of the Bar, and to others by permission.

About Sirsi Corporation

Founded in 1979, Sirsi Corporation develops, sells, and supports a comprehensive integrated suite of software solutions for meeting the information management and sharing needs of libraries and library users around the world. From the open, evolutionary integrated library system technology in the Sirsi Unicorn Library Management System… to leading-edge data analysis and intelligence tools in Sirsi Director's Station… to leading-edge solutions such as Sirsi Rooms 2.0 for library users seeking unparalleled access to the world of knowledge… Sirsi and its partners provide the broadest array of information management products and services for the library community. Sirsi solutions serve more than 10,000 libraries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. For more information about Sirsi, please see

Summary: Sirsi Corporation announced that the Library of the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, has selected the Unicorn Library Management System.
Publication Year:2005
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:May 11, 2005
Publisher:SIRSI Corporation
Place of Publication:Huntsville, AL
Company: SIRSI Corporation
Products: Unicorn
Libraries: Library of the Supreme Court of Canada
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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