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Press Release: SIRS Mandarin, Inc. [June 30, 2003]

Mandarin M3 is SIF Compliant

Boca Raton, FL - July 30, 2003 - Mandarin M3 was certified as complying with the SIF-enabled Application Product Standard 1.1 on July 23, 2003. 'The Open Group' hosts a public Web site listing all SIF Compliant applications as well as the Conformance Statements of each qualifying product. The Compliance Program Web site is at

Mandarin played an integral role in developing the SIF Compliancy Test. Special thanks were issued by the SIF Acting Director, Patrick Plant, to Mark Reichert, Senior Mandarin Programmer for his contributions in developing the SIF Compliancy Test. Plant said "Mark Reichert has single handedly developed the Compliance Test harness which is one of the core components of the program. Without his tireless efforts and attention to detail this program would not be as robust and credible as it is today." The program itself was constructed with the help of 'The Open Group', who is also managing the program for SIF. For Mark's contributions, SIF awarded him the inaugural SIF Fellowship Award on June 26th, 2003.

Key members of the M3 Software Development Team, who have worked on M3 from inception, are responsible for ensuring M3's compatibility with SIF standards. Mandarin became an active SIF Participant in the spring of 2000 when members of Mandarin's Software Development Team joined the Infrastructure Working Group, the Compliance Working Group, and the Library Automation Working Group.

For more information about SIF, visit their website at

About Mandarin Library Automation, Inc.

Mandarin Library Automation, Inc. delivers library automation solutions utilized by thousands of school, public, academic and corporate libraries in over 50 countries. Founded upon a solid foundation of experience, technological expertise and strong, long-term relationships, Mandarin is committed to providing affordable and reliable products and services. Mandarin's participation in standards activities, including Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), ensures that the latest technological developments are quickly available to customers.

Summary: Mandarin M3 was certified as complying with the SIF-enabled Application Product Standard 1.1 on July 23, 2003.
Publication Year:2003
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 30, 2003
Publisher:SIRS Mandarin, Inc.
Place of Publication:Boca Raton, FL
Company: SIRS Mandarin, Inc.
Mandarin Library Automation
Products: Mandarin M3
Subject: Product announcements

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