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Press Release: Dynix [October 29, 2004]

Miami-Dade upgrades from Dynix ILS to Horizon

PROVO, Utah—October 29, 2004—Dynix, the world's leading provider of automation technologies, solutions, and services for libraries, today announced that Miami-Dade Public Library System (Miami, FL), a Dynix customer since 1995, has migrated from its Dynix ILS system and gone live with the Horizon Information Management System.

“We upgraded from Dynix ILS to Horizon in order to provide a more advanced system for our users,” said Assistant Director Phyllis Alpert. “We were happy with the existing product, and from everything we had read, heard and seen, we thought Horizon would be an improvement.”

Alpert said a major reason that Miami-Dade Public Library System (MDPLS) chose to upgrade to Horizon was the user-focused development plan for Horizon Information Portal. “We like the direction that Horizon Information Portal is moving in, becoming an interactive portal instead of just a Web-based catalog. It will provide an environment for users to input their profile data and get back information that is customized to their individual needs.”

As well, Alpert said that staff users are excited about the move to a Windows-based system and the graphical user interface in Horizon. “With the Horizon Launcher, the new system will allow for greater efficiency by eliminating the need to open up different modules separately in order to move around the software, allowing us to do more at once.”

Another reason that MDPLS extended its nine-year relationship with Dynix by moving to Horizon was the high level of service received from the company in the past. “We've been very happy with Dynix as a company, and the Dynix staff worked extremely hard to make sure we had a smooth migration,” Alpert said, adding that Dynix implementation staff members were very attentive in making sure that challenges during the process were addressed quickly and efficiently.

“We are proud to have worked with Miami-Dade in its move from Dynix ILS to Horizon, a decision that will enable the library to further enhance the exceptional service provided to its users,” said Dynix Founder and Vice President Jim Wilson. “We feel privileged to have Horizon technology operating in yet another of the leading libraries in the United States.”

Miami-Dade Public Library System serves 655,000 registered cardholders in a local population of 1.9 million people, operating 39 branches and two bookmobiles. The library system maintains a collection of more than 4.2 million items and achieves an annual circulation of nearly 7.9 million. Each year, MDPLS receives more than 6.2 million in-person visits, answers nearly 6.3 million reference questions, and provides more than one million Internet sessions on its public access computers.

About Dynix

Dynix is the global leader in new-name sales of library management systems and has the largest installed customer base of any library technology vendor. As a committed advocate of the library community, Dynix serves academic, special, school, public, and consortium libraries in over 40 countries. Dynix has more than 100 professional librarians on staff and proven experience in software leadership. Since 1983, Dynix has provided customers visionary technology solutions that support the latest industry standards and offer intuitive functionality. For complete corporate information and a guide to Dynix products and services, visit

Summary: Dynix announced that Miami-Dade Public Library System, a Dynix customer since 1995, has migrated from its Dynix ILS system and gone live with the Horizon Information Management System.
Publication Year:2004
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:October 29, 2004
Place of Publication:Provo, UT
Company: Dynix
Products: Horizon
Libraries: Miami-Dade Public Library System
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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