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Press Release: Index Data [September 07, 2004]

National Library of Finland selects YAZ Proxy

September 7, 2004 - Middletown, CT - Helsinki University Library, The National Library of Finland, has selected YAZ Proxy to facilitate Z39.50 remote access to Linda, the University's 4.2 million record union catalog of Finnish university libraries based on Endeavor's Voyager system. After the proxy server has been implemented with Linda, the installation will be ported over to additional Voyager databases hosted by Finnish university libraries that use the Voyager library management system. As the co-coordinator of the university libraries' Linnea2 network, HUL will support other libraries in this process.

In addition to providing the SRW/SRU and XML support that is standard with YAZ Proxy, the contract also specifies additional features relevant to the Finnish Voyager libraries. For instance, the proxy will map MARC21-Fin to MARC21, to enable libraries to deliver bibliographic records in either MARC21 or MARC21-Fin, the national variant of MARC21.

"One reason for us to acquire the proxy was the implementation of the MetaLib portal application in all Finnish university libraries in September 2004," said Juha Hakala, Director of Information Technology at Helsinki University. "This will boost significantly the Z39.50 usage of the universities' Voyager-based OPAC databases and HUL's own national databases. Even a partial shift from the library system's own Web OPAC to a portal requires efficient and fault free Z39.50 functionality, both from our ILMS and our portal.

"With YAZ proxy, Z39.50 access to Voyager can be made more reliable and faster. Our own analysis, as well as the thorough scrutiny of the Voyager Z39.50 server in the Library of Congress, has revealed a number of problems in Voyager's Z39.50 server. In YAZ Proxy, most of these issues have been eliminated by trapping the problematic requests before they enter the Voyager Z39.50 server. Also some inherent limitations of the Voyager Z39.50 implementation, such as the maximum limit of 256 simultaneous sessions, have been bypassed."

Helsinki University Library has tested the YAZ Proxy and it has ran flawlessly with all the Z39.50 client applications the library uses, including MetaLib. The production use of the proxy will start shortly, and it will be extended to additional university library OPACs in the near future.

About YAZ Proxy

YAZ Proxy is an application built using the YAZ++ toolkit, the world's most advanced programming tool for building Z39.50 application services. It speeds Z39.50 access to library catalogs and other databases. Among the features it provides are:

  • Load balancing
  • Inactivity timers
  • Enhanced initialization throughput
  • Query and record caching
  • MARC to MARCXML mapping
  • Support for SRW and SRU requests from remote clients
  • Delivery of any XML-based metadata through XSLT transformations

About Index Data

Index Data, a software development and consultancy firm with offices in Copenhagen, London, New Hampshire and Connecticut, is the world's leading distributor of Open Source library application software. Its flagship product is the Keystone Digital Library Suite, which includes Keystone Retriever, a metasearch service; Keystone Organizer, a content management system; Keystone Resolver, an OpenURL link resolution service; and Keystone Harvester, an OAI-PMH compliant metadata harvester. Other products include YAZ Proxy, a "Next Generation" Z39.50 server with multiple data transfer acceleration features; Zebra, a high-performance, XML-based text indexing and retrieval engine; YakPac, a young people's search interface; and numerous Z39.50 programmers' tools and toolkits.

Whether you need software tools for the programmer/developer community, turnkey solutions for libraries in the areas of metasearching and content management, or customized solutions to solve the toughest information retrieval problems, Index Data's team of developers provide world class solutions and support you can rely on. Most of the company's software is freely distributed under an industry standard Open Source License. We do not lock our customers into proprietary license agreements. Our philosophy is to give away our software and earn your business through the excellence of our installation, customization and support services.

Summary: Helsinki University Library, The National Library of Finland, has selected YAZ Proxy to facilitate Z39.50 remote access to Linda, the University''s 4.2 million record union catalog of Finnish university libraries based on Endeavor''s Voyager system.
Publication Year:2004
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:September 07, 2004
Publisher:Index Data
Place of Publication:Middleton, CT
Company: Index Data
Products: YAZ Proxy
Libraries: National Library of Finland
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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