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Press Release: SIRSI Corporation [February 24, 2004]

Rockford Public Library makes big move to Sirsi

SEATTLE — February 24, 2004 — Sirsi Corporation, celebrating 25 years of delivering technology “firsts” to the library community, announced today that the Rockford (IL) Public Library has selected Sirsi technology to improve library services, outreach, and encourage greater use of the library. “The goal of our library is to connect the community to ideas, entertainment, and lifelong learning,” said Karen Van Drie, Rockford Public Library executive director. “Sirsi technology will help us to achieve this goal and help bring library services to more members of our community because it creates excitement.”

Rockford Public Library's suite of Sirsi products and services include the Unicorn® Library Management System, WorkFlows® staff interface, iBistro e-Library solution with Sirsi DataStream enriched content, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and SmartPORT cataloging client. “Sirsi empowers people to use libraries in the comfort of their own home through iBistro, which is available 24/7 via the Internet,” said Van Drie. “People can spend leisurely hours virtually roaming the library shelves. Moreover, with DataStream, we will be able to provide our community with even more information about the materials and resources we have available, like book covers, tables of content, and summaries. Sirsi's iBistro will help us meet the expectations and demands of our users.”

The Rockford Public Library will also use Sirsi technology to highlight the value and relevance of the library to more citizens. “We expect that Sirsi will be our method of showing the community our relevance to them prior to going to referendum. We intend to demonstrate in neighborhoods and to our elected officials that people can access more than a half-million items in our collection and use those resources to their benefit,” said Van Drie. “I know from past experience at other libraries that iBistro increases circulation within the library. iBistro will be our library's main public information and resource-sharing tool since it is so accessible and intuitive.”

“In my opinion, Sirsi is the answer to the objection people always give that the Internet replaces libraries. Rather, the Internet enhances access to libraries and adds additional resources,” said Van Drie. The Rockford Public Library includes one main library and five branches, holds more than a half-million items and more than 300,000 titles, and serves more than 60,000 patrons.

“We are currently moving from a consortium Innovative system to a stand-alone Sirsi configuration and the staff at Sirsi have been impressive, while our library personnel have been enthusiastic,” said Van Drie. “We have spoken to a number of Sirsi clients, and we believe that Sirsi will handle our transition comfortably.”

About Sirsi

In 2004, Sirsi Corporation ( celebrates 25 years as the strategic technology partner to more than 10,000 libraries around the world. A strong, growing company, we are dedicated to providing the library community with forward-thinking information technology solutions, including Sirsi Unicorn® Library Management System, the first client/server-based and UNIX-based integrated library system; Sirsi iBistro and iLink, the first e-Library solutions with streaming enriched content; Sirsi Rooms, the first suite of context management solutions; and Sirsi Director's Station, the first information analysis tool for library executives. Sirsi maintains operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, and Singapore.

Summary: Sirsi Corporation announced that the Rockford Public Library has selected Sirsi technology to improve library services, outreach, and encourage greater use of the library.
Publication Year:2004
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:February 24, 2004
Publisher:SIRSI Corporation
Place of Publication:Huntsville, AL
Company: SIRSI Corporation
Products: Unicorn
Libraries: Rockford Public Library
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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