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Press Release: The Library Corporation [February 17, 2004]

TLC Implements CARL.Decision in Four Libraries

INWOOD, WV, February 17, 2004 - TLC has implemented CARL.Decision, an interactive reports management system, in four large public libraries.

Those CARL.Solution libraries are Baltimore County Public Library, Sno-Isle Regional Library, Contra Costa Public Library and Phoenix Public Library. Other libraries will implement the system in 2004.

CARL.Decision is a reports utility with flexible export options that enables library staff members to manage standard and custom reports through a Windows interface. CARL.Solution customers can enjoy the intuitive new product with minimal training and no additional hardware. The software enables easy customization and ability to modify and build upon earlier templates, and a full suite of distribution choices including Intranet and email as well as print. Typically, a library would create a set of reports to be created to their specific needs and place them on a Web server for staff access or send directly via e-mail to appropriate staff members.

"Baltimore County Public Library has experienced both tangible and intangible benefits as a result of using Carl.Decision," commented Shelly Childs, BCPL Technology Support Coordinator. "We have identified at least a $20,000 cost savings annually as a result of not having to manually enter reporting data, and we expect to see more cost savings as our experience with the tool increases. In addition to this, access to more granular data has increased our reporting flexibility and improved information processing which results in faster decision making."

Reports created in CARL.Decision will be made accessible directly from the Acquisitions module in CARL.Solution v 5.0, scheduled for release in March 2004, and from other modules in later releases. Report administrators can determine which reports are available for agency deployment and set the permissions and conditions for online execution from a central base.

CARL.Decision also offers interactive parameter management, flexible export options for any ODBC compliant tool (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports), and Excel and Crystal Reports templates) thus allowing statistics to be easily used in board reports, state statistics, or presentations. Full graphics capability is available in Excel and Crystal Reports.

The Professional version of CARL.Decision is scheduled for a late 2004 release and will include full archiving, data warehousing, and data mining features. CARL.Decision Professional runs on a Windows®/Oracle® platform and leverages the Data Mining features offered by Oracle into the overall design.

CARL.Decision Professional is designed to serve the library director and the senior management team with information needed for in-depth analysis of past pattern use, to perform "what-if" scenarios, and for strategic planning. CARL.Decision Professional provides complex data definition, custom extract capabilities, and powerful analytical and statistics management tools.

TLC is working with current customers to build an initial suite of relevant programs that focus on collection development, collection performance, building performance, and local demographics. Customers are encouraged to build on this base suite and share reports or approaches with other CARL.Decision Professional users.

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Summary: TLC has implemented CARL.Decision, an interactive reports management system, in four large public libraries.
Publication Year:2004
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:February 17, 2004
Publisher:The Library Corporation
Place of Publication:Inwood, WV
Company: The Library Corporation
Libraries: Phoenix Public Library
Baltimore County Public Library
Sno-Isle Regional Library
Contra Costa Public Library
Subject: Product announcements

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