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Press Release: Surpass Software [October 01, 2003]

Surpass Copycat provides access to free MARC records

Surpass Copycat is an easy to use, money-saving cataloging tool for downloading free MARC records with no annual database subscription needed. Copycat uses the z39.50 protocol to allow users to search for records either individually, or in a batch-mode called “multi-search” by simply loading in an ISBN list for automatic retrospective conversion. Multi-search allows the search list to be entered by hand, loaded from a text file, or loaded from a MARC record file. Copycat also simplifies the process by allowing users to scan the EAN barcode found on the back of many books and automatically converts it to the ISBN for searching. Surpass Copycat allows multiple libraries to be selected for searching and will automatically select the most complete record when matching records are found at multiple libraries.

Surpass Copycat is essential for librarians and media specialists who:

  • regularly catalog new and donated books
  • are cataloging a new collection
  • are converting a catalog from a non-MARC database
  • need to update brief MARC records to full MARC records

It's easy to find records, add local holdings information, and import into your automated catalog. A bookbag holds selected records while you work. When you've finished, save your bookbag to a single MARC file to be imported into any MARC-based automation system or send the records directly into Surpass Central.

Jarrett Volzer, president of sales and marketing for Surpass Software explains, “For years people have asked us if we knew of a way they could simply provide a list of ISBNs and have a program or service search the Internet for matching MARC records. The said they'd love to be able to actually scan the barcodes printed on the books too. We examined other z39.50 cataloging products on the market, and none seemed to provide an easy way to do this. We also found that other products lacked an easy way to add multiple copies and edit local holdings without getting too deep into the MARC fields. So we created Copycat and have received a lot of positive feedback even from early beta releases. We knew we'd have a winning product if we put it on the market for under $500. That's exactly what we did with Copycat! We even added capabilities for full MARC editing, including adding and deleting fields and subfields, for those users who might need these features… something for which our competitors were charging hundreds of dollars more.”

Summary: Surpass Copycat is an easy to use, money-saving cataloging tool for downloading free MARC records with no annual database subscription needed.
Publication Year:2003
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:October 01, 2003
Publisher:Surpass Software
Place of Publication:Calhoun, GA
Company: Surpass Software
Products: Surpass Copycat
Subject: Product announcements

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