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Press Release: Brodart, Inc. [March 10, 2003]

Western Heights Public Schools choses DartClix

WILLIAMSPORT, PA, - March 10, 2003 - Brodart Co.'s Automation Division, a leading provider of library technology serving schools and libraries worldwide, announces that the Western Heights Public Schools, Oklahoma City, OK, has chosen DartClix to enhance their Public Access Catalog. Western Heights Public Schools maintains an enrollment of 3,200, a total circulation of approximately 5,000 volumes and has more than 12,000 holdings.

Karl Dowell, of Western Heights Public Schools, states the following about DartClix, "We are learning to incorporate it into lessons and research projects. With 9th grade students, we now are able to guide them entirely away from surfing the web to accessing DartClix for information not accessible otherwise. This change allows us to focus on much needed basic researching skills instead of policing the web and addressing higher-level website evaluation skills that are better taught later in the research skills sequence. Students are hooked once they know that they can find interesting and useful websites instantly, without browsing multiple sites."

DartClix is a fully-reviewed and cataloged collection of Internet sites that are seamlessly integrated into your library's catalog. Cataloged in MARC format, the records are ready to import directly into a library's existing bibliographic file where they are immediately accessible via the online public access catalog. Subscribing libraries will receive a backlist containing thousands of professionally selected and cataloged records, plus hundreds of new records each month.

About Brodart Company

Serving libraries for more than 60 years, the Williamsport, Pennsylvania-based Brodart Company is a leading provider of books services, supplies, furniture and technology for libraries around the world. Committed to developing innovative products and services, Brodart offers libraries experience, advanced technology and unmatched dedication to personal service. For more information on Brodart's Automation Division 800-233-8467, ext. 6675 or visit

Summary: Brodart announces that the Western Heights Public Schools, Oklahoma City, OK, has chosen DartClix to enhance their Public Access Catalog.
Publication Year:2003
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:March 10, 2003
Publisher:Brodart, Inc.
Place of Publication:Williamsport, PA
Company: Brodart, Inc.
Subject: System announcements -- selection
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