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October 12, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) EBSCO Information Services will partner with University of Denver, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Chalmers University of Technology to develop a next-generation analytics platform. The platform will combine and streamline data sets from library and campus systems, allowing library staff to demonstrate a library's impact while making informed decisions on collections and services.

October 8, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) The National Central Library of Florence is the first national public library to have launched FOLIO. BNCF is using FOLIO for the management of users and circulation operations as well as for some pre-cataloging activities. The implementation project, led by @Cult, included the creation of a new website, the renewal of the OPAC and FOLIO hosting services from EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO).

October 5, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) The 2021 Serials Price Projection Report from EBSCO Information Services is now available. The report projects that the overall effective publisher price increases for academic and academic medical libraries are expected to be (before any currency impact) in the range of two to three percent for individual titles and one to three percent for e-journal packages. This year presents new budget challenges as librarians are now preparing for another wave of cuts prompted by the economic contraction tied to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Librarians are increasingly being forced to consider even more fundamental changes to their purchasing and operating strategies given accelerating funding pressures and are implementing a variety of tactics to bridge the declining budget. As e-journal packages continue to have the most significant impact on the disposition of libraries' budgets, they are the natural target to downsize or cancel. Though the COVID-19 pandemic increased the need and desire for Open Research and Open Access, the economic fallout from the pandemic is making progress difficult and slow.

October 1, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) The Five Colleges Consortium, as part of its FOLIO beta partnership with EBSCO Information Services, has become the first consortium to implement FOLIO Electronic Resources Management. This is the first step in a full FOLIO implementation in 2021. The consortium includes Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

August 27, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) EBSCO Information Services has partnered with NoodleTools, a research management platform that allows students to export citations with ease. The partnership integrates NoodleTools with EBSCOhost, EBSCO Discovery Service and Explora for mutual customers. NoodleTools is a secure online research management platform that helps students organize their sources, build accurate citations, take notes, outline topics and prepare to write. NoodleTools allows students to create personal accounts, and now they can export MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian citations from any EBSCO search interface and save them to their accounts.

August 26, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) Libraries of all sizes looking for an open source Library Services Platform using FOLIO can now rely on EBSCO FOLIO Services from EBSCO Information Services for implementation, hosting and service support. EBSCO has been involved in FOLIO since its inception, and EBSCO FOLIO Services offers libraries options when considering a new LSP.

August 20, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) EBSCO Information Services and Prenda have partnered to help transform libraries into community learning hubs by supporting computer science education for youth. The new agreement allows EBSCO to resell Prenda, a self-guided and self-paced learn-to-code product that helps students thrive in the digital world and empowers libraries to start and run coding programs. The partnership reflects EBSCO's ongoing dedication to support emerging companies, such as Prenda, in the library market.

August 6, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) EBSCO Information Services and IGNITE Online are partnering to support libraries looking to adopt the FOLIO Library Services Platform. EBSCO and IGNITE Online will work together to provide reliable local hosting and support services to libraries across Latin America.

July 29, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) EBSCO Information Services is working with the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) to save customers money. EBSCO and SUPC collaborated to ensure that new legislation introduced to apply a zero rate of VAT on electronic publications (e-publications) in the United Kingdom has been effectively applied to electronic publications for all customers of EBSCO in the United Kingdom. The efforts have saved the customers EBSCO serves more than £4.5 million in VAT costs.

July 23, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) EBSCO Information Services is joining the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) as an external stakeholder. In providing in-kind support to UKRN, EBSCO is furthering its goal of supporting open research and reproducibility by teaming up with an organization of researchers and research institutes dedicated to improving the quality of research.

(EBSCO Information Services) GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO, a division of EBSCO Information Services, has expanded its Business Development team, hiring Andy Soanes as Business Development Manager. In this role, Soanes will be working to distribute EBSCO's print and e-book offerings to academic libraries in the United Kingdom and Ireland through GOBI Library Solutions.

July 20, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) EBSCO Information Services announced its five 2020 EBSCO Solar Grant Winners. Independence Public Library in Independence, Belize; Peterborough Town Library in Peterborough, New Hampshire; The Valley Library at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon; H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, Learning Resource Centre, in Tortola, British Virgin Islands; and Pacific Theological College, in Suva, Fiji Islands, will each receive an EBSCO Solar Grant to pay for the installation of a solar array. The grants offset the cost of installing solar panels and allow the libraries to reduce their electricity expenditures.

June 30, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO is providing choice for libraries by extending its Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) services to include Books at JSTOR. This arrangement offers libraries more options to acquire and manage their DDA program via their preferred workflow solution.

June 25, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) EBSCO Information Services has developed a new resource to make harvesting COUNTER reports easier. The SUSHI Harvester for Multi-Site Libraries (the R5 Harvester) is a Microsoft Access tool designed to help small to medium size consortia more easily gather COUNTER reports for their affiliated libraries.

June 16, 2020

(EBSCO Information Services) Missouri State University Libraries are now live with the FOLIO Library Services Platform, making MSU the first academic institution in the United States to fully implement FOLIO. Missouri State University Libraries implemented FOLIO by working with the EBSCO FOLIO migration team and are using EBSCO FOLIO Services for hosting and service.

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