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February 24, 2020

(Fujitsu) Fujitsu announced the launch of Ufinity for Public, a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for public libraries throughout Japan, extending from the prefectural level to local municipalities. The next-generation library service is designed to bring greater convenience to both library patrons and staff through portal sites. The service includes features that make it easy to create and update a library portal site, along with features for administering interlibrary loans(1) and staff communication over the web. The portal site provides a searchable environment that is convenient for patrons and staff to use for library news or checking and searching on new-acquisitions data. In addition, a horizontal search function can simultaneously search not only public libraries within a prefecture but also the collections in university libraries, museums, and other affiliated institutions, making it quick and efficient for patrons and staff to reserve and send away for books. As the service is provided in the SaaS model hosted at Fujitsu's datacenters and accessed over the Internet, libraries can start using it quickly and inexpensively, with no need for costly investments in ICT resources. Fujitsu offered WebiLis in September 2010 under the SaaS model as its first effort in supporting the "regional general library" concept in Japan. The new service, being Fujitsu's second offering, is intended to enhance the role of regional libraries as information sources and strengthen links between libraries.

(The Library Corporation) The Library Corporation today announced that John Burns has been appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer, based out of global headquarters in Inwood, W.Va. Formerly TLC’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John will continue to report to Annette Murphy, President, and CEO of The Library Corporation.

February 22, 2020

(Eclat) As part of Eclat Engineering’s strategic growth plan to widen its product offering and expand its global reach, the Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Ritchie. As the former Director of Libraries at PressReader, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience to Eclat Engineering. He will work alongside CEO, Jatin Baraiya, to strengthen the Company’s market potential by building a high performing business development team, seeking new market opportunities and executing on the strategic plan at a global scale.

February 20, 2020

(Overdrive) OverDrive, the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools, announced the hiring of Angela Arnold as General Manager of OverDrive Education. Arnold brings decades of e-business development and go-to-market skills to drive adoption of its student reading solutions and digital content sales to schools and libraries. In this new role, she reports to OverDrive founder and CEO Steve Potash.

(EnvisionWare) EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced the company will unveil both its new Reservation Service software and its revolutionary CloudNine platform at the PLA conference in Nashville.The Reservation Service leverages all the flexibility and features of the world’s leading library computer reservation product, PC Reservation plus many additional features and a completely new product architecture. With the Reservation Service, patrons can easily reserve an unlimited variety of resources, including study rooms, tablets, and 3D printers. Library staff can configure which resources are available, and how the reservation process for each individual type of resource will work.

(Admin Kuhn) IUN World GmbH goes live on Koha with Admin Kuhn. [Admin Kuhn] Admin Kuhn, a Swiss Koha support company, announced today that the IUN World GmbH in Ismaning, Germany, is now live on Koha! Admin Kuhn completed the transition of the library's 9'300 plus holdings from SHSoft BIB2 and is providing ongoing support services to the library.

February 19, 2020

(OCLC) OCLC is accepting nominations for the OCLC Community Engagement Award, a recognition intended to highlight projects that help public libraries extend their reach, build strong partnerships and create programs that transform lives.

February 17, 2020

(Equinox) Equinox welcomed the Oregon County Library District to Evergreen with their successful migration to the Missouri Evergreen Consortium. The Oregon County Library District’s move will support 2,225 patrons and encompass a total of 51,744 bibliographic records. Services provided by Equinox included project management and Evergreen software configuration. Data extraction and bibliographic deduplication were completed as part of their migration encompassing item, patron, and transaction records. Onsite and virtual training were also provided by Equinox.

February 12, 2020

(ByWater Solutions) ByWater Solutions, America’s forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced that the Koha Open Source ILS now has Elasticsearch functionality added as an option for its primary search engine. Elastic adds both speed and functionality to the searching in Koha and opens up doors to the integration of more native metadata.

February 11, 2020

(Catalyst IT) Catalyst has purchased Calyx Information Essentials and, from 1 March 2020, Catalyst will be providing Hosting and Support for their Australian clients using the Koha Library Management System.

(Talis) Following the recent launch of Talis in Canada, Okanagan College has adopted Talis Aspire, in order to improve the integration of learning materials into its courses. Their main aim is to improve the student and faculty experience by creating easier access to resources and to give the library a better insight into resource usage. Talis will work closely with Okanagan College to support their individual needs, as well as those of the wider Canadian Higher Education market, along with other Canadian institutions.

(Talis) The University of Alberta has adopted Talis Aspire, becoming the first university in Canada to do so, officially marking the availability of Talis Aspire in Canada. They have chosen to implement Talis Aspire with student experience in mind, to improve access to resources. Talis will be working closely with the University of Alberta to address their needs, and those of the wider Canadian market, whilst providing all of the benefits of the resource list solution used by over 100 institutions across the world.

February 10, 2020

(BiblioCommons) On February 10th, 2020 Volaris Group finalized the acquisition of BiblioCommons. Volaris is a Canadian software success story that is focused on acquiring, strengthening and growing vertical market software companies. Volaris is a worldwide software organization which operates as a division of Constellation Software, one of Canada’s largest technology success stories. BiblioCommons will operate independently while advancing via the guidance and expertise of the Volaris network. Two of the founders, Beth Jefferson and Patrick Kennedy have decided to transition from BiblioCommons but will continue as advocates.

(Deep Web Technologies) A Wales-based tech firm has completed a multi-million dollar purchase of a US-based company that pioneered deep web search. Leading UK technology firm Amplyfi has purchased Deep Web Technologies. The move will combine Deep Web Technologies’ search capabilities with Amplyfi's machine learning and data analytics expeience. Alongside tripling its revenue over the past 12 months, the acquisition means Amplyfi is set to continue the rapid growth that has defined the company since forming just five years ago.

February 7, 2020

(KOMBIT) Som skrevet i de tidligere nyhedsbreve blev KOMBIT pr. 1. januar bestiller (indkøber) af DBC’s ydelser på vegne af kommnunernes og statens biblioteker. En transition som KOMBIT siden i sommers har forberedt.

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