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July 27, 2016

(Ex Libris) Ex Libris announced that the State Library of New South Wales in Australia has gone live with the Ex Libris Alma library management service, Primo discovery and delivery, and Rosetta digital asset management and preservation. With these three solutions, the library now offers its large user community a world-class discovery experience.

December 4, 2014

(Ex Libris) Ex Libris announce that the State Library of New South Wales in Australia has adopted a suite of Ex Libris solutions, comprised of the Alma library management solution, the Primo discovery and delivery solution, and the Rosetta digital asset management and preservation system—and Axiell Group’s Adlib Archive to manage its archival collections. These solutions replace multiple legacy systems used by the Library. Together, these integrated systems will enable the State Library to offer a world-class discovery experience to its large user community.

September 27, 2014

(Odilo) Odilo announced that OdiloConsortia, the Odilo eBook Platform for eBook purchasing, management and lending, will power the State Library of New South Wales eBook Management Platform Pilot project. The State Library of New South Wales, Australia is embarking on a 12 month trial of the DCL eBook model using Odilotid’s OdiloConsortia solution. Through this project, the State Library will be partnering with two public library services and intends to explore the full gamut of content options from local authors, independent and mid-lists publishers in Australia. The pilot will explore the options of consortia shared collections alongside localized collections and the viability of extending the platform to a statewide solution. Odilo’s content and strategic publisher relations managers will be working closely with the pilot libraries to assist them secure contracts with publishers.

September 22, 2004

(Media Equation Pty Ltd) State Library of New South Wales, based in Sydney, Australia, has selected Media Equation for its innovative online digital initiative,

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