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May 28, 2015

(Zepheira) Zepheira is convening the Libhub Initiative’s Early Adopter Summit today at Denver Public Library in Denver, Colorado, to celebrate the vision, commitment and contributions of 12 pioneering libraries from the US and Canada. These 12 institutions have completed training in the details of BIBFRAME, Linked Data, and a host of concrete steps libraries can take to establish greater visibility on the Web.

June 22, 2012

(Innovative Interfaces, Inc.) Innovative announced that, since its announcement in late January, 2012, 20 public and academic libraries have become early-stage adopters of Decision Center: a new product that provides automated recommendations to optimize collections, fine-tune services, and budget more effectively than ever before

March 22, 2006

(Innovative Interfaces, Inc.) Innovative Interfaces announced that Graphical Self Check, its fully integrated circulation self-service product, has allowed Arapahoe Library District in Colorado to realize a six-fold increase in patron-initiated check-outs at a fraction of the cost of their previous third-party solution. Graphical Self Check runs on low-cost PC workstations while leveraging integration with Millennium''s powerful circulation package.

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