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January 6, 2016

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. SkyRiver database now exceeds 60 million records. SkyRiver, Innovative's cataloging utility product, is growing faster than ever and now tops 60 million full, unique records. The SkyRiver database grew by nine million records in 2015, which includes 3.5 million new records from the British Library. This rich metadata, known as the British National Bibliography, reflects the publishing activity of the UK and Ireland and includes print and electronic publications. [Full Announcement].

August 8, 2015

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. SkyRiver adds 3.5 million Records from the British Library. SkyRiver, Innovative's cataloging utility product, now makes available over 3.5 million records from the British Library. This rich metadata, known as the British National Bibliography, reflects the publishing activity of the UK and Ireland and includes print and electronic publications. With this new content, the SkyRiver database now exceeds 60 million full, unique records. [Full Announcement].

July 10, 2014

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Top-rated Cuyahoga County Public Library (OH) selects SkyRiver cataloging service. Innovative announced that Cuyahoga County Public Library has selected SkyRiver, Innovative's comprehensive cataloging service offering unprecedented record quality and ease of use. The library's collection includes more than three million physical items, eBooks, and electronic databases. CCPL ranks among the top US public libraries, earning the Library Journal Five-Star rating for five consecutive years and topping the nation's large urban library systems in per-capita circulation for four consecutive years. [Full Announcement].

March 27, 2014

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Four County Library System (NY) selects SkyRiver cataloging utility. New York's Four County Library System has selected SkyRiver, Innovative's comprehensive cataloging service offering unprecedented record quality and ease of use, for its shared catalog representing 42 libraries. [Full Announcement].

August 21, 2013

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Three public libraries select SkyRiver cataloging utility. Oakland Public Library and Monterey Public Library in California and East Lansing Public Library in Michigan have selected SkyRiver, Innovative's comprehensive cataloging service offering unprecedented record quality and ease of use. Oakland Public Library and Monterey Public Library are migrating to SkyRiver from OCLC's Connexion. East Lansing Public Library had not been using a full-service cataloging utility. All three libraries cited SkyRiver's easy-to-use interface and high-quality records as reasons for choosing SkyRiver. [Full Announcement].

June 28, 2013

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Black Gold Library Cooperative chooses SkyRiver. Innovative announced that California's Black Gold Cooperative Library System has selected SkyRiver as the full-service cataloging utility for all libraries in the system. Black Gold is migrating to SkyRiver from OCLC's Connexion. [Full Announcement].

January 17, 2013

SkyRiver SkyRiver Joins LC's prestigious BIBCO program. The Library of Congress Program for Cooperative Cataloging has designated SkyRiver as a Bibliographic Record Program utility. Under this program qualified BIBCO catalogers may create and upgrade bibliographic records to BIBCO standards using SkyRiver's cataloging client. BIBCO records meet the highest cataloging standards as set by the PCC and the records undergo complete authority heading verification. [Full Announcement].

October 10, 2012

SkyRiver SkyRiver launches eMARC Express to streamline e-material acquisitions. SkyRiver announced the launch of a new record delivery service called eMARC Express. eMARC Express introduces a new approach to efficient processing of e-materials at an attractive price. This new service provides MARC files for e-materials ordered from OverDrive and 3M Cloud Library. [Full Announcement].

June 7, 2012

SkyRiver Multicultural Books and Videos becomes SkyRiver Vendor Partner. SkyRiver announced today an expansion of the SkyRiver database through a new partnership with Multicultural Books and Videos, Inc. Multicultural is a major library supplier of foreign language materials--particularly titles in non-Roman languages. One of Multicultural's highly acclaimed services is the provision of MARC records with its shipments and, as part of the partnership agreement, Multicultural will directly input MARC metadata into the database using the SkyRiver cataloging client. [Full Announcement].

February 28, 2012

SkyRiver New SkyRiver Software Release highlights bibliographic database quality and superior mavigation. SkyRiver announced the deployment of Release 3.2 of its cataloging client software. The release has several new features which highlight some of SkyRiver’s exceptional database functionality. Other enhancements have made the SkyRiver bibliographic database even easier to navigate so that catalogers quickly find matching records. [Full Announcement].

January 19, 2012

SkyRiver SkyRiver Continues Growth Entering 2012. SkyRiver announced that it enters 2012 with a significantly stronger market position in terms of customer and database growth and an enhanced software client. Recent milestones include SkyRiver's 50th installation, bringing the number of libraries served to more than 350. In addition, SkyRiver's bibliographic database, with its associated open data policy, has doubled in size since the utility's launch date. kyRiver continues to aggressively develop its client software, rapidly addressing client needs and functional enhancements. [Full Announcement].

December 21, 2011

SkyRiver SkyRiver and Donohue Group Announce Partnership. The Donohue Group Incorporated and SkyRiver announce a collaboration whereby DGI will contribute full and in-process MARC records to the SkyRiver database. DGI's clients include several publishers of nonprint and electronic content such as Playaway, Recorded Books, and AudioGo. These publishers have negotiated with SkyRiver to permit DGI to contribute full MARC records for their titles. [Full Announcement].

December 6, 2011

SkyRiver SkyRiver announces novel approach to RDA Adoption. SkyRiver has announced a unique approach to implementing RDA (Resource Description and Access) that allows libraries to adopt this new cataloging standard on a schedule that fits their circumstances. Effective December 1, 2011, SkyRiver users have three options for viewing and exporting bibliographic data: RDA Mode for libraries preparing for or ready to move into an RDA environment; Hybrid Mode for libraries adopting RDA yet still having a need for non-RDA data elements for their local systems; and Non-RDA Mode for libraries not ready for RDA cataloging at this time. Libraries also may move from one mode of operation to another as they progress in their planning toward full RDA compliance. [Full Announcement].

September 26, 2011

SkyRiver SkyRiver sees gains in Academics. Interest in SkyRiver from academic libraries is strong. Several academic libraries, small and large, have chosen SkyRiver for their cataloging services since early summer. Recent additions to the SkyRiver customer base include Alma College (MI), Cameron University (OK), Rhode Island College (RI), San Francisco State University (CA), Utah State University (UT), as well as ARL member, the Kelvin Smith Library of Case Western Reserve University (OH). This interest across a broad swath of the academic library community reflects the growing recognition that SkyRiver provides an excellent resource for cataloging metadata as well as significant savings. [Full Announcement].

July 21, 2011

SkyRiver University of California Davis Mabie Law Library Moves to SkyRiver. The University of California Davis Mabie Law Library has switched to SkyRiver for its cataloging services. [Full Announcement].

June 22, 2011

SkyRiver SkyRiver customer base more than doubles. SkyRiver announced that its customer base increased more than 100 percent as compared to the same period last year. Recent new signings for SkyRiver include academic libraries such as San Francisco State University and public libraries such as Escondido Public Library in Southern California and Washoe County Public Library in Nevada. [Full Announcement].

April 15, 2011

SkyRiver SkyRiver and Cassidy Cataloguing enter sharing agreement. Cassidy Cataloguing Services Inc., a company that provides cataloging on contract to libraries as well as Cataloging in Publication (CIP) for publishers, has entered into a sharing agreement with SkyRiver. By the terms of the agreement, Cassidy will contribute its CIP records - high quality and fully catalogued -- to the SkyRiver database. Cassidy in turn will have access to SkyRiver's database either through its contracting libraries and have unlimited full access to SkyRiver's authorities database. [Full Announcement].

February 7, 2011

SkyRiver SkyRiver Files Opposition to OCLC's Motion to Dismiss. Lawyers for SkyRiver Technology Solutions, LLC have filed its opposition to OCLC's motion to dismiss its Complaint, which alleges that OCLC has engaged in predatory and exclusionary business practices in violation of federal and state antitrust laws. [Full Announcement].

January 7, 2011

SkyRiver Three more consortia transition to SkyRiver. Three library consortia have converted their cataloging operations to SkyRiver: the Suffolk Cooperative in New York, The Library Network (TLN) in Michigan and Lakeshores Library System in Wisconsin. In total, these consortia serve 146 libraries. [Full Announcement].

December 15, 2010

SkyRiver OCLC's Motion Mischaracterizes Allegations in SkyRiver's Complaint. SkyRiver President Leslie Straus had the following comments regarding OCLC’s Motion to Dismiss filed in federal court in Ohio on December 13: [Full Announcement].