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June 20, 2017

Ken Chad Consulting. The new role of the library in teaching and learning outcomes. Will academic libraries expand their remit to new kinds of learning resources? Where do learning analytics fit? What will be the impact on library technology? Will we see library systems subsumed into new Learning Services Platforms? What will be the impact of the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) on library provision? The new role of the library in teaching and learning outcomes. By Ken Chad & Helen Anderson. Higher Education Library Technology (HELibTech) briefing paper (No. 3). June 2017. [Full Announcement].

January 7, 2016

Ken Chad Consulting. Rethinking the Library Services Platform. The second in the series of HELibTech briefing papers challenges the current definition of a library services platform (LSP) and suggests ways in which library systems might develop. While a new generation of library systems has emerged there remains a very significant lack of interoperability between the various components that make up the wider library technology ‘ecosystem’. So, although we talk of library services platforms, libraries and library system vendors have not yet fully realised a platform-based, interoperable library ecosystem. Cloud computing could help break this paradigm as it is doing with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Gartner, an information technology market research and advisory firm, suggests that the ERP suite is being deconstructed into what they characterise as a ‘postmodern ERP.’ Gartner suggests that the result will be a more loosely coupled environment with much of the functionality sourced as Cloud services or via business process outsourcers. Will we see the same trend in library technology? [Full Announcement].

October 6, 2015

Ken Chad Consulting. A new perspective on resource management systems for libraries in Higher Education: the cloud is becoming the new normal. A briefing paper written by Ken Chad for Higher Education Library Technology contrasts the library resource management landscape now with the situation in 2008 when a Jisc/SCONUL LMS study recommended that the time was not right for libraries to purchase a new library management system. In the intervening period a new generation of 'library services platforms' (LSPs) has emerged to replace library management systems (or integrated library systems –as they are also known) and the pace of procurement has quickened. Ken Chad analyses the current landscape and looks at the strategic issues around the changing nature of library collections, shared services, workflows, analytics and the cloud. He predicts that LSPs will move to encompass additional resource silos. [Full Announcement].

February 3, 2009

Ken Chad Consulting. Breaking the Barriers: Europe’s first conference on Open Source Software solutions for libraries. Ken Chad Consulting and PTFS Europe have partnered to present this ground breaking eventin London on 18th May 2009. Charles Leadbeater will present the keynote. [Full Announcement].