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April 29, 2016

(Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative) The Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative, a division of the University of West Florida Innovation Institute, finalized an agreement with Innovative Interfaces, Inc. to upgrade the technology used to manage and share millions of books, journals and other educational resources across the state’s public colleges and universities. The new system will expand access to material and improve the user experience for today’s tech-savvy students. The upgrade will also allow librarians to establish and adopt world-class standards for acquisition, management and customer service. The Florida Legislature provided $1.5 million this year to implement the next-generation system.

February 10, 2016

(Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative) The Next-Gen ILS Negotiation Team, which includes Members Council on Library Services (MCLS) representatives Anne Prestamo and Janice Henderson, began negotiations with Innovative Interfaces, Inc. shortly before the December break. We have had several negotiation meetings on issues including pricing, hosting, and disaster recovery options, implementation timing, data quality and cleanup, and product functionality. FALSC/FLVC technical staff have also had very specific and detailed conversations with Innovative technical staff around product architecture, data extraction and migration, and known technical concerns (e.g., time zones, audit trails). Conversations have also begun between UWF and Innovative legal counsel on contract matters. We hope to be in conceptual agreement with Innovative soon, with a contract signed by the end of February or shortly thereafter.

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