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May 29, 2014

BioMed Central. BioMed Central announces winner of 8th Annual Research Award. The winners of BioMed Central’s 8th Annual Research Award were announced last night at the Metabolism, Diet and Disease: Cancer and metabolism conference last night at the Georgetown University Hotel and conference center, Washington DC. [Full Announcement].

October 22, 2012

BioMed Central. BioMed Central celebrates Open Access Week 2012. As the pioneer of open access publishing and an official sponsor of Open Access Week 2012, BioMed Central is participating in various activities around the globe for Open Access Week and beyond. BioMed Central supports open access, in all its forms, and is at the cutting edge of ensuring that the results of scientific research are made openly available internationally. [Full Announcement].

September 12, 2012

BioMed Central. Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research embraces open access. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research announced the membership agreement with BioMed Central and SpringerOpen. Publication costs for research articles published by researchers funded by NWO for articles published no later than 2008, who chose to publish via BioMed Central will now automatically be covered, up to the maximum as defined by the NWO Incentive Fund Open Access Publications. [Full Announcement].

September 9, 2012

BioMed Central. Understanding the human genome: ENCODE at BioMed Central. The completion of the human genome project in 2003 was an immeasurably important milestone, but (like an book written in code) left many biologists wondering what the sequence might actually mean. Consequently, the focus of human genomics that year began the transition from generating sequence - to annotating the functional elements, hidden within the human genome's 3.2 billion As, Cs, Gs and Ts. With this goal in mind the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) consortium was formed. [Full Announcement].

January 24, 2012

BioMed Central. Fighting poverty together: Open Repository partners with Oxfam. Oxfam GB has adopted Open Repository – the service from open access specialist BioMed Central, which allows organizations to build, launch, host and maintain their own repositories. While Oxfam is best known for its anti-poverty programme and campaigning work, the organization also produces vital research and policy materials from its experience across the world. Through the implementation of the Open Repository system, Oxfam is now able to maximize the distribution of this documentation in a one-stop personalised repository - at a fraction of the cost of other commercial systems. [Full Announcement].

November 9, 2011

BioMed Central. Coming to America: University of Arizona becomes first US Open Repository institutional customer. The University of Arizona has become the first academic institute in the United States to adopt Open Repository – the service from open access publisher BioMed Central, which builds, hosts and maintains uniquely customized DSpace repositories on behalf of organizations. [Full Announcement].

May 22, 2000

BioMed Central. Top biomedical researchers form Editorial Directorate for open-access publishing venture. Some of the world's leading biological and medical scientists have joined the Editorial Directorate of BioMed Central, a new publishing house that will give free on-line access to biomedical research. BioMed Central will allow researchers around the world to access peer-reviewed research articles free-of-charge, and without the traditional barriers to access imposed by conventional publishers. [Full Announcement].