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December 19, 2014

(BIBSYS) Oria er nå fullt ut oppdatert med de siste postene fra Bibliotekbasen siden systemarbeidet i begynnelsen av desember. Vi har også satt i gang igjen den jevnlige høstingen slik at nye og endrede poster blir overført til Oria hver kveld/natt slik at de er tilgjengelige påfølgende dag.

August 14, 2012

(BIBSYS) Since November 2010, OCLC and BIBSYS have been working together on an innovative online library platform/infrastructure for the Norwegian library community. Regrettably we announce jointly that our agreement will be discontinued, due to differences in timing and interpretation of what the solution would entail for BIBSYS, as a systems integrator.We are disappointed that we could not jointly arrive at a solution that was mutually agreeable within the acceptable time schedule, although we earnestly searched for solutions. We both believe there are still possibilities for future cooperation.

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