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October 27, 2003

SIRSI Corporation. Openly Informatics Partners with Sirsi. Sirsi Corporation announced a technology partnership with Openly Informatics. Sirsi has selected Openly Informatics OpenURL linking technology as the core engine for Sirsi Resolver, Sirsi''s solution for OpenURL resolution and linking. [Full Announcement].

January 10, 2002

National LIbrary of Medicine. LinkOut - Explore beyond PubMed. LinkOut is a feature of Entrez, an information system developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Library of Medicine. LinkOut provides an integrated information space, which allows users to move seamlessly between PubMed and other Entrez databases to a variety of relevant, web-accessible online resources provided by third parties. [Full Announcement].

November 21, 2001

Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.. Endeavor and Openly Informatics form partnership. Endeavor Information Systems announced that it has entered into a partnership with Openly Informatics, Inc., to provide enhanced access to resources through Endeavor''s LinkFinderPlus comprehensive linking system. Endeavor will extend current capabilities on linking humanities resources by licensing software and a database from Openly Informatics, a leader in the development of hyperlinking solutions. [Full Announcement].

October 18, 2001

Gale Group Gale adopts SFX OpenURL standard. Gale Group has adopted the SFX open URL standard, a technology that links databases to one another at the document level no matter their source. SFX is available in Gale''s acclaimed InfoTrac databases - in use in more than 100 countries. [Full Announcement].

October 17, 2001

Openly Informatics, Inc.. Openly announces 1Cate adapter for CrossRef. Openly Informatics, Inc. revealed a new tool that will simplify the use of the CrossRef linking system in CrossRef Affiliate Libraries. [Full Announcement].

October 15, 2001

OCLC OpenURL Server Link from OCLC FirstSearch Service. OCLC has added the option to link from the OCLC FirstSearch service to libraries'' OpenURL servers to support library efforts to streamline user access to many different online full-text resources. Through the FirstSearch administrative module, library staff may establish a link to an existing OpenURL server. [Full Announcement].

March, 2001

National Information Standards Organization. NISO creates OpenURL standard committee. The National Information Standards Organization announced the formation of a committee to develop the OpenURL Standard. This standard will allow information seekers to be connected to the appropriate copy of any chosen resource by passing along bibliographic or descriptive information about the resource in the form of metadata and taking into account the user''s organizational context or starting point. A variety of appropriate related resources may also be made available using OpenURL syntax. This new standard will let information providers connect their customers to services and products more cleanly and directly. [Full Announcement].

January 31, 2001

Openly Informatics, Inc.. Openly to provide commercial support for Jake: Openly Jake enables customization of open-source serials reference and linking tool. Openly Informatics, Inc announced its suite of support services and add-ons for Jake, the internet''s leading open-source reference and linking tool for serials. [Full Announcement].

December 23, 2000

Openly Informatics, Inc.. Openly brings Link.Openly to the Web: Link.Openly server adds bibliographic intelligence to the network. Openly Informatics, Inc. announced the launch of Link.Openly Server, a web version of its Link.Openly Software implementing the S-Link-S Linking Framework. Link.Openly Server is now available for free, general use on Openly''s production servers [Full Announcement].

December 19, 2000

Openly Informatics, Inc.. Openly to support Onix XML standard: LinkBaton book database pushes book catalogs onto the Web. Openly Informatics, Inc. announced its support for the ONIX XML standard for book information. [Full Announcement].

December 5, 2000

Ex Libris Bell & Howell and Ex Libris forge links. Bell & Howell''s Information and Learning division announced its intention to extend the current linking capabilities in ProQuest, the company''s award-winning online information system, to support the open linking environment of the SFX Framework. SFX will be enabled in the release of ProQuest 4.1, which is scheduled for December 2000. [Full Announcement].

Ex Libris Ingenta announces key reference linking agreements. ingenta announced several important agreements to link third party references to full text articles. ingenta will collaborate with Ex Libris on integrating ingenta''s electronic journals service with Ex Libris''s SFX context sensitive linking software. ingenta also signed an agreement with Cambridge Scientific Abstracts for links from its abstracting and indexing databases. The new linking agreements build on ingenta''s existing relationships with SilverPlatter Information and numerous subscription agencies. [Full Announcement].

October 18, 2000

Institute for Scientific Information. ISI Links customer service expedites access to publishers' sites. ISI announced the expansion of the ISI Links Customer Service Program. This unique program integrats links for customers, such as national consortia, who locally host the Web of Science and maintain electronic journal collections in an Internet environment. To implement these multiple-hosted collections, ISI provides trained technology experts who work in a hands-on environment with the library organization''s skilled staff. In addition, through direct customer contact, the Program handles full links registration for all libraries worldwide using any library subscription list that is made available in readable format - print or electronic. All ISI publishing partners benefit from this proactive approach. [Full Announcement].

Institute for Scientific Information. ISI adds additional full-text linking partners: Web of Science extends navigation. ISI announced a significant expansion of its Web of Science full-text links program-ISI Links - with the addition of three premier scientific publishing Web sites. These additional linking partners are CatchWord, HighWire Press and the Royal Society of Chemistry. This release adds over 175,000 articles to the more than one million article links already available through the Web of Science. [Full Announcement].

October 10, 2000

Institute for Scientific Information. ISI links update: a unique customer service program. Over eight months ago ISI instituted an aggressive customer service program focused on ISI Links. This program has been implemented with a two-tier approach. The first tier is based on implementing links for ISI Intranet customers so that they can leverage full text links via the Web of Science. The second tier provides journal link registration as a customer service for all ISI customers. [Full Announcement].

July 9, 2000

Ex Libris ISI and Ex Libris enter partnership. ISI announced an agreement with Ex Libris Inc. Ltd. to cooperate on integrating ISI and Ex Libris solutions. The companies'' first steps will be to integrate the Web of Science with Ex Libris` SFX link technology. This partnership will give ISI customers additional linking services beyond the over one million scholarly journal full text and two million database record links currently available with the Web of Science. In particular, customers will have the ability to determine and set up additional links to other SFX-enabled services including a library`s OPAC. [Full Announcement].

Ex Libris ISI and Ex Libris target Web of Science and SFX integration for fourth quarter 2000. ISI and Ex Libris announced plans to integrate the ISI Web of Science with Ex Libris SFX linking technology by late fall 2000. By combining the ISI Web-based Citation Databases and the context-sensitive reference linking technology from Ex Libris, mutual subscribers will have expanded options for linking resources and services, irrespective of where the resources are hosted. [Full Announcement].

July 8, 2000

Ex Libris Ex Libris and EBSCO link seamlessly via SFX. SFX offers a unique solution that permits context-sensitive linking between Web resources. Under the terms of an agreement between Ex Libris and EBSCO Publishing, two-way linking will be enabled between the Ex Libris SFX Linking server and EBSCOhost, EBSCO`s online search system. EBSCOhost customers who also license the SFX server can link directly from EBSCOhost search results via SFX to an extended range of resources and services. Users of EBSCOhost and other information sources can link through the SFX server to full text in EBSCOhost databases as well as e-journal content available through EBSCO Online. [Full Announcement].

June 5, 2000

Publishers International Linking Association, Inc.. CrossRef goes live: journal reference linking service membership roster grows to 33 publishers. Ed Pentz, Executive Director of CrossRef, announced that the first links enabled by the collaborative reference-linking service have been activated. Ten of the member publishers have submitted more than 1.3 million article records in about 2,700 journals to CrossRef''s Metadata Database. Submission of the records is the first step of the multi-step process; CrossRef members then use this information to enable the links from references in their journal articles to other publishers'' content. [Full Announcement].

June 12, 2000

Ex Libris SFX beta testing underway. SFX, the context-sensitive reference linking solution, originating in research work by Herbert Van de Sompel at Ghent University in Belgium, and now owned by Ex Libris, enters a new phase as beta testing gets underway in some key US libraries. SFX Beta Test sites include: Los Alamos National Laboratory; Harvard University Library; California Institute of Technology; Vanderbilt University; and Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. [Full Announcement].