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December 13, 2018

Follett Follett announces acquisition of NextTier Education. Follett announced it has acquired NextTier Education, a cloud-based software solution that provides counselors, students, and parents with guidance, information and insight to help students achieve their postsecondary goals and ensure every student has equal access to higher education. [Full Announcement].

May 3, 2018

Follett Follett, NextTier Education Partner to Help Students Achieve Their Postsecondary Goals. Follett announced it has signed an exclusive channel partnership with NextTier Education for its cloud-based software solution that provides educators, students, and parents with guidance, information and insight to help students achieve their postsecondary goals. Effective immediately, Follett will begin selling NextTier to public and private school districts and schools, both domestically and internationally. [Full Announcement].

January 10, 2017

NextTier Education. NextTier Education's new Partnership with Parchment enables schools to digitally submit student transcripts and other academic credentials to colleges and universities. NextTier Education announced it has finalized a partnership Parchment that will enable high school students to easily request their transcripts and other academic credentials be sent electronically to colleges and universities, simplifying an historically complicated step in the college planning, search, and application process. Parchment, the most widely adopted digital academic credentials service, is now fully integrated into the NextTier education platform, providing a single point through which high school counselors and faculty can digitally send transcripts, letters of recommendation and other background materials to multiple institutions in accordance with their unique requirements and deadlines. [Full Announcement].

September 20, 2016

NextTier Education. NextTier Education platform redefines how school counselors, students and their parents navigate the college planning, search and application process. More than two years in the making, NextTier Education is a web- and mobile-based postsecondary readiness platform that delivers critical information on every two- and four-year college in the U.S. The first platform of its kind, NextTier provides each student with a comprehensive college application plan, including a detailed list of every school's required tasks, step-by-step guidance and deadlines for completing each task in the process. The NextTier platform enables real-time, active collaboration between students, educators and parents. NextTier's proprietary database also includes information on more than 20,000 scholarships and grants, and helps to successfully match students with the right financial support opportunities. [Full Announcement].

August 27, 2015

NextTier Education. NextTier v3.2 ships to help students take-on college admissions process. NextTier Education submitted v3.2 of its mobile app for approval in the iTunes App Store. The ed-tech company expects its latest version to be available for mobile users early next week; in time to help millions of high school students embarking on the strenuous process of applying to college. Through its set of web and mobile apps, available at no cost, NextTier aims to help students and parents navigate the college admissions process. [Full Announcement].