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December 21, 2018

Digital Library Federation. Announcing Incoming NDSA Coordinating Committee Members. Digital Library Federation announced four new members to the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Coordinating Committee, Stephen Abrams, Salwa Ismail, Linda Tadic, and Paige Walker! [Full Announcement].

March 15, 2011

Digital Library Federation. Digital Library Federation Affiliates with CenterNet. The Council on Library and Information Resources' Digital Library Federation program today announced its formal alliance with centerNet. Established in 2007, centerNet is an international network of digital humanities centers formed for cooperative and collaborative action that benefits the digital humanities and allied fields in general, and has special resources in the domain of cyberinfrastructure to offer humanities centers in particular. [Full Announcement].

March 5, 2011

Digital Library Federation. Digital Library Federation Launches New Web Site. The Digital Library Federation, a program of the Council on Library and Information Resources, launched its new Web site at The site provides a dedicated space for the DLF community, while also serving as a resource and communication hub around important ideas and trends developing in the broader digital library community. [Full Announcement].

August 17, 2010

Digital Library Federation. Taiga and CLIR/ DLF Align for Broader Community Benefit. The Council on Library and Information Resourcesí Digital Library Federation Program announced a new affiliation with the Taiga Forum, a community of assistant/associate university librarians and associate deans who meet to share ideas and strategies for developing organizational structures for research and academic libraries that are more flexible, agile, and effective. A hallmark of the DLF is its function as a connection point between communities. By partnering with Taiga, DLF strengthens its ability to facilitate conversations between administrators and developers/project managers. [Full Announcement].

June 8, 2008

Digital Library Federation. Digital Library Federation releases ILS-DI interface specification. The Digital Library Federation announced the release of the technical recommendation of its ILS Discovery Interface Task Group. This document recommends standard interfaces for integrating the data and services of the Integrated Library System with new applications supporting user discovery. Such standard interfaces will allow libraries to deploy new discovery services to meet ever-growing user expectations in the Web 2.0 era, take full advantage of advanced ILS data management and services, and encourage a strong, innovative community and marketplace in next-generation library management and discovery applications. [Full Announcement].

January 05, 2007

Digital Library Federation. Peter Brantley appointed DLF Executive Director. The Digital Library Federation has appointed Peter Brantley executive director, effective February 5, 2007. [Full Announcement].