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June 26, 2015 The Free Ebook Foundation has launched. Two projects that have been building towards a sustainable ecosystem for free ebooks have joined together in a new non-profit corporation. The Free Ebook Foundation envisions a world where ebooks will be funded, distributed and maintained for the benefit of all, by coordinating the efforts and resources of many. [Full Announcement].

April 30, 2014 Thanks-for-Ungluing Launch features Creative Commons Pioneers John Sundman, Open Book Publishers, Moebius Noodles and others. launches Thanks for Ungluing program. is "the bookstore for books that want to be free". aims to compile a comprehensive database of Creative Commons licensed books while offering authors and publishers new ways to make ends meet. [Full Announcement].

January 20, 2014 Buy-to-Unglue Crowdfunding for eBooks goes Beta with Lagos_2060. The first Buy to Unglue ebook went on sale this week as's new crowdfunding mechanism reached Beta. This is another step in's effort to become "the bookstore for books that want to be free". Every ebook downloaded comes with a future dated Creative Commons license. Each purchase brings that Creative Commons effective date, the date the ebook becomes free to everyone, closer to the present. [Full Announcement].