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July 30, 2019

SirsiDynix SirsiDynix celebrates its 18th connection now available for digital resource platform eResource Central. SirsiDynix announced today its 18th content connection for eResource Central, their electronic resource integration for discovery. Libraries with content subscriptions for any of the vendors and/or products below can now offer discoverable and direct access from Enterprise—SirsiDynix’ premier discovery platform. [Full Announcement].

July 20, 2016

SirsiDynix eResource Central expanding as Wheelers ePlatform connector goes live. SirsiDynix announced a major expansion of eResource Central (eRC) with the availability of the new Wheelers ePlatform connector. Wheelers is a specialist school and public library supplier. The addition of the Wheelers ePlatform connector to eRC will substantially expand resources available to the Asia-Pacific region. [Full Announcement].

May 10, 2016

SirsiDynix SirsiDynix eResource Central surpasses 1,000,000 downloads. SirsiDynix announced the one-millionth digital content download through eResource Central. eRC is an electronic resource management and discovery system that simplifies access to library resources by uniting physical and digital content into a single discovery interface. Digital content is made readily available in the library catalog, downloading with only a few clicks of a mouse and without re-directing to external vendor sites. Currently, eRC libraries have access to more than 9,000,000 titles from 11 content providers with many more providers in the process of joining. [Full Announcement].

July 8, 2015

SirsiDynix Thomson Reuters announces ProView eReader integration with SirsiDynix eResource Central. Thomson Reuters announced an integrated e-library management solution that combines the power of Thomson Reuters ProView, the leading professional eReader platform, with SirsiDynix eResource Central, the leading e-content distribution and management system. [Full Announcement].

August 11, 2014

SirsiDynix SirsiDynix reaches eResource Central agreement with Wheelers. Wheelers and SirsiDynix are working together to bring thousands of eBooks directly to your library’s catalog. Wheelers is one of New Zealand’s largest online book suppliers to schools and public libraries and has supplied library services to users across the South Pacific for 40 years. The integration will allow users to search for and download Wheelers’ eBook titles through their library’s catalog with the click of a button, streamlining the eResource delivery process. [Full Announcement].

August 7, 2014

SirsiDynix SirsiDynix to partner Total BooX with eResource Central. Total BooX and SirsiDynix announce a collaboration to bring a wide selection of eBooks directly to your library’s catalog. Total BooX is an innovative company that houses thousands of quality eBooks from publishers such as Workman, Sourcebooks, O’Reilly Media, and more. Its partnership with eResource Central will allow users in participating libraries to discover and access Total BooX’ titles through their library’s catalog with the click of a button. [Full Announcement].

June 27, 2014

Ingram Content Group Ingram's MyiLibrary platform available to more libraries through SirsiDynix eResource Central. Ingram Content Group announced a collaboration with SirsiDynix to expand the reach and simplify the discovery and delivery of e-content to more libraries worldwide. Ingram will integrate its MyiLibrary e-book platform with SirsiDynix eResource Central to provide libraries convenient access to more than 500,000 titles. [Full Announcement].

June 28, 2013

SirsiDynix SirsiDynix announces general availability of eResource Central. With six customers running eResource Central already, SirsiDynix has announced its general availability for all libraries. eRC is an electronic content management and delivery system designed to unify and simplify e-content management and delivery. It allows library staff to manage all their library’s e-content in one place and load custom e-content collections to their OPAC in minutes. It also lets library users search e-content alongside physical content, see real-time availability and previews for e-content, and download titles from within the catalog. [Full Announcement].

May 15, 2013

SirsiDynix SirsiDynix eResource Central goes live at Frisco Public Library. SirsiDynix announced that eResource Central, its electronic content management and delivery system, has gone live at Frisco Public Library. After extensive testing, eRC is now delivering e-content from Overdrive and Recorded Books to Frisco Public’s patron-facing catalog. Frisco Public patrons can search e-content alongside physical content, see real-time availability and previews for e-content, and download most titles from within the catalog. [Full Announcement].

February 19, 2013

SirsiDynix Recorded Books in Partnership with SirsiDynix Announces eResource Central Integration. Recorded Books, a leading provider of library services around the world and the largest independent producer of unabridged audiobooks, announces their partnership with SirsiDynix and their new integration with the SirsiDynix eResource Central service to make audiobooks easily accessible to library users. [Full Announcement].

January 24, 2013

SirsiDynix Recorded Books and SirsiDynix Announce eResource Central Integration. Working together to make audiobooks easily accessible to library users, SirsiDynix and Recorded Books today announced a partnership to deliver seamless audiobook access to end users via the SirsiDynix eResource Central product. The partnership with Recorded Books was one of the first to be developed for eResource Central and is an important step forward for the project. [Full Announcement].

January 23, 2013

SirsiDynix 3M and SirsiDynix partner to deliver eResource Central integration. SirsiDynix and 3M announced their intent to integrate the 3M Cloud Library content into eResource Central, currently scheduled for release in Q1 of 2013. SirsiDynix’ eResource Central delivers key features such as hit list availability, centralized sign-on and one-click downloads. The initiative with 3M is a significant broadening of the project, integrating 3M content in a way that will benefit both libraries and their users. [Full Announcement].

January 14, 2013

SirsiDynix OverDrive and SirsiDynix to deliver eResource Central integration. Furthering its initiative to make e-resources easily accessible to library patrons, SirsiDynix announced its intent to integrate the OverDrive API toolkit into the soon-to-be-released eResource Central. SirsiDynix’ eResource Central will provide one-click electronic resource and e-book delivery. The initiative with OverDrive is a major step forward in the project, making available OverDrive content in a meaningful integration that will benefit both libraries and their users. [Full Announcement].

January 3, 2013

SirsiDynix Baker & Taylor and SirsiDynix announce eResource Central integration. SirsiDynix and Baker & Taylor today announced a partnership with the SirsiDynix eResource Central product to deliver seamless electronic resource and e-book access, offering both borrowing and purchase options to end users. The partnership with Baker & Taylor is a major step in the project, integrating the Axis 360 platform with the eResource Central platform. [Full Announcement].

January 20, 2012

SirsiDynix SirsiDynix eResource Central gains momentum with added functionality and partners. SirsiDynix a next generation electronic resource management solution for libraries, originally announced at the 2011 North American user group meeting. eResource Central bridges the gap between content providers and users, enabling libraries to manage and deliver e-resources seamlessly and cost-effectively while also handling traditional collections with proven solutions used today by more than 3,600 libraries worldwide. Initial release to select partner libraries is scheduled for Q2 of this year. [Full Announcement].