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November 2, 2017

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Vital Release 8.0 SP1 now available with advanced customization options. Innovative announced that Vital Release 8.0 SP1 is now available for library partners. This service pack release focused on moving many popular Vital administrative features into the new responsive design launched in Vital Release 8.0. [Full Announcement].

July 19, 2017

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Innovative Delivers Market-Leading Digital Asset Management with Responsive Web Experience in Vital Release 8.0. Innovative Interfaces has launched Vital Release 8.0 with a new fully responsive user interface that provides instant access to important repositories from any device. Vital, Innovative’s digital asset management solution, allows libraries and other institutions to create a beautiful and easy-to-use digital repository for the many unique objects in their collections. [Full Announcement].

August 26, 2016

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Innovative digital asset management solution gains momentum with two more Vital selections. Innovative Interfaces, a leading provider of library automation software that empowers libraries globally, builds international momentum with two more partners selecting the Vital digital asset management solution. [Full Announcement].

May 9, 2016

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Vital Release 6.4 Streamlines Implementation of Digital Asset Management and Institutional Repositories. Innovative Interfaces announced the launch of Vital Release 6.4 to streamline the implementation of digital asset management and institutional repositories. [Full Announcement].

July 28, 2014

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Innovative's Vital 6.1 in General Release. Innovative announced that Vital 6.1 is now in general release. Vital is a digital and institutional repository solution that is simple to use yet highly customizable. Version 6.1 includes additional metadata schema support, expanded API and administrator functionality, and additional image conversion options. [Full Announcement].

July 9, 2013

VTLS, Inc.. VITAL Selected by Smyth-Bland Regional Library to Manage Digital Collections. Smyth-Bland Regional Library has selected the VITAL Digital Asset Management System to manage their library’s digital content. The library will be using VITAL to store their growing collection of digitized historic local newspapers and photographs and to make these materials accessible to the public. Through their website, they will invite the public to help identify events, buildings and people who appear in the photos. With the implementation of VITAL, SBRL becomes the first VTLS customer to have implemented the full range of VTLS products, including the Virtua ILS, Chamo Discovery, MozGo Mobile App, Fastrac RFID and a complete VTLS-developed Drupal website with fully integrated OPAC. [Full Announcement].

August 24, 2011

VTLS, Inc.. The Wawasan Open University in Malaysia Selects VITAL. Wawasan Open University, Malaysia, has selected VITAL for its Digital Asset Management System. VITAL will be used to store and manage the digital resources and documentation from various departments in the university. WOU, which installed Virtua in 2006, contracted for VITAL to manage digitized documents such as minutes of meetings, circulars, reports, policies, course programs, legal documents and their own publications. Access to the repository is secured, as some documents are for internal use only. [Full Announcement].

November 24, 2010

VTLS, Inc.. VITAL chosen for VOCED database for the National Centre for Vocational Education Research. VTLS Inc. has been selected to implement the VITAL repository for the National Centre for Vocational Education Research VOCED database. The project, which began last April, is going to be a multi-phase process and will involve the integration of traditional, print-based and new, digital knowledge sources. In addition to the standard VITAL implementation, VTLS is creating a custom web portal interface using open-source Drupal to meet NCVER's unique needs. [Full Announcement].

February 25, 2010

VTLS, Inc.. Kansas City Public Library chooses VITAL for Research Repository. Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri, selected VITAL repository software to upgrade and expand the KCResearch digital repository. VITAL will allow the library to implement and connect two open source solutions: Fedora Commons and Drupal. The KCResearch repository will contain a database consisting of a wide variety of research concerning all things Kansas City, a website for KC organizations to create profiles and highlight research and activities in a collaborative community portal where members can find information and interact with community members with similar research needs. [Full Announcement].

February 22, 2010

VTLS, Inc.. Vital is the answer for Cumberland County Public Library. VTLS announced that the Cumberland County Public Library and Information Center, Fayetteville NC selected VITAL repository software to handle The Answer Book. The Answer Book is a community resource directory published by the Reference & Information Services Department as a public service for the citizens of Cumberland County. It contains listings for area agencies, clubs and organizations. The implementation of the VITAL repository will make all the content of The Answer Book available online, providing access to both in-house and remote patrons. Additionally, as the information in the Answer Book changes, using VITAL, it will be very easy for the Librarians to make the changes and have the new information readily available for patron access. [Full Announcement].

February 12, 2010

VTLS, Inc.. Queens Public Library selects VTLS' VITAL for their Archives. VTLS announced that Queens Borough Public Library has selected VITAL repository software to manage their archives. The archives comprise primary and secondary resources documenting the natural, social, economic and political history of Queens, King, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. In addition, the archives include the records of the Queens Library's department heads, publications, board meeting minutes and other historically valuable material. Archive [Full Announcement].

June 3, 2009

VTLS, Inc.. The Digital Imaging and Archiving Department at Virginia Tech Creates New Digital Repository to Support Research. Digital Imaging and Archiving, a unit within Information Technology at Virginia Tech is in the process of implementing VITAL, the institutional repository solution from VTLS. The goal of this new project is to create a university-wide digital research repository that enables a broad range of content owners to digitally archive and collectively publish important collections of research materials by providing a secure mechanism for the delivery and display of those items to other researchers, or learners who seek out authentic sources of significant information. [Full Announcement].

March 10, 2009

VTLS, Inc.. VTLS Announces the Release of VITAL 4.0. VTLS announced the release of VITAL 4.0. VITAL is VTLS' solution for today's digital and institutional repositories. Designed to provide all functions of a repository VITAL provides capabilities to ingest, create, maintain, validate, uniquely identify, secure, preserve and export the contents of institutional collections. [Full Announcement].

June 25, 2008

VTLS, Inc.. VITAL Chosen in Pakistan. VTLS announced the first VITAL site in Pakistan. Pakistan Medical Research Council in Islamabad contracted for VITAL to help them digitize and manage over 10,000 objects. The Council intends to implement VITAL to manage scanned copies of their medical journals and build a publicly accessible digital library. [Full Announcement].

March 12, 2008

VTLS, Inc.. Université de Genève Contracts for VITAL. Université de Genève in Geneva, Switzerland has chosen VTLS’ repository services solution, VITAL, after evaluating several systems. The university is currently a VTLS customer and has been using Virtua for more than five years. [Full Announcement].

November 12, 2007

VTLS, Inc.. VTLS announces VITAL port to Sun StorageTek 5800 system. VTLS announced a port to Sun Microsystems' latest storage technology, the Sun StorageTek 5800 System. This is the first port to the StorageTek 5800 by any library solution vendor, and the move exhibits the deep commitment by VTLS to adapting the newest technologies available for the library and repository community. [Full Announcement].

May 10, 2007

VTLS, Inc.. Duke University's Medical Center Library and Archives VTLS: 30th VITAL Customer. VTLS announced that the Duke University Medical Center Library and Archives is the thirtieth site to select VITAL. [Full Announcement].

April 03, 2007

VTLS, Inc.. VCOM and VTLS announce the OSTMED.DR Digital Library. The Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine announced a partnership with VTLS Inc. to create a digital library dedicated to supporting the teaching, scholarship and research in osteopathic medicine. The digital library project is based on an Institutional Repository product, called VITAL, produced and hosted by VTLS Inc. [Full Announcement].

January 19, 2007

VTLS, Inc.. La Trobe University Installs VITAL. VTLS and the Australian Research Repositories Online to the World Project announced that La Trobe University has selected and installed VITAL as the basis for its repository services. [Full Announcement].

VTLS, Inc.. University of Ballarat selects VITAL. VTLS and the Australian Research Repositories Online to the World Project announced that University of Ballarat has selected and will be installing VITAL as the basis for its repository services. [Full Announcement].