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April 27, 2021

ProQuest Carnegie Mellon University adopts ProQuest's TDM Studio Service for text and data mining. Carnegie Mellon University researchers, faculty and students can now analyze massive volumes of data, spot trends and patterns, and quickly gain powerful insights using a unique text and data mining (TDM) resource. CMU, a global research university based in Pittsburgh, Pa., joins the ranks of Dartmouth College, Syracuse University, and many others to adopt TDM Studio, a technology that enables advanced exploration of data in research, teaching and learning across disciplines. [Full Announcement].

December 10, 2020

ProQuest New TDM Data Visualization interface supports research at all levels. Text and data mining is now accessible to all researchers even those without coding experience thanks to a new visualization interface in ProQuest TDM Studio. The new interface enables TDM to extend beyond pure research and into teaching and learning by enabling students to explore large datasets. [Full Announcement].

June 22, 2020

ProQuest Four Leading Research Universities Choose ProQuests TDM Studio Solution for Text and Data Mining. Four universities -- Dartmouth College, Syracuse University, the University of Southern California and Flinders University -- are the latest higher-education institutions to drive research breakthroughs with ProQuest's TDM Studio solution. [Full Announcement].

January 24, 2020

ProQuest ProQuest's TDM Studio service transforms text and data mining with efficiency, flexibility and power. Researchers will now be able to uncover new connections and make new discoveries using ProQuest's TDM Studio service, a pioneering end-to-end solution for text and data mining. TDM Studio puts the power of text and data mining directly into the researcher's hands, from their initial idea to their final output. With this new solution, creating a content set has been reduced to hours, rather than the months required with traditional approaches. TDM Studio gives researchers the freedom to use the content, methods and tools they prefer and to collaborate on projects both within and outside their university. [Full Announcement].