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July 27, 2020

OpenAthens Exact Editions Subscriptions Now Accessible Through OpenAthens. Libraries who utilise OpenAthens can now access Exact Editions digital subscriptions through the service, allowing staff and students seamless access through their existing institutional accounts. [Full Announcement].

December 12, 2017

OpenAthens Doncaster College adopts OpenAthens for single sign-on. Doncaster College is the latest further education institution to adopt OpenAthens as their identity and access management solution – providing secure and consistent access to a wide range of essential academic resources and applications for the College’s students and staff. [Full Announcement].

November 16, 2017

OpenAthens OpenAthens Cloud awarded OpenID Connect self-certification. OpenAthens announced that its new content provider solution OpenAthensCloud is now OpenID Connect self-certified through the OpenID Foundation, providingassurance that OpenAthens Cloud conforms to the OpenID Connect protocol andenabling greater interoperability. [Full Announcement].

October 11, 2017

OpenAthens OpenAthens Cloud launches at the Frankfurt Book Fair. OpenAthens builds upon its global access tools for digital content providers through its new cloud-based single sign-on solution OpenAthens, the international identity and access management software provider for the information industry, today officially launches its cloud-based content provider solution at one of the world’s largest publishing events, the Frankfurt Book Fair. [Full Announcement].

July 21, 2017

OpenAthens BBC Monitoring extends global access by joining the OpenAthens Federation. BBC Monitoring has joined the OpenAthens Federation, further expanding its single-sign-on options for universities and other international organisations who wish to access BBC Monitoring’s broadcast, press and media sources in multiple languages from over 150 countries worldwide. [Full Announcement].

January 30, 2017

OpenAthens OpenAthens white paper illustrates the importance of information security for authentication systems. OpenAthens has published a new white paper that discusses the complexities facing information professionals and publishers when ensuring the security of access and authentication processes. [Full Announcement].

January 24, 2017

OpenAthens OpenAthens partners with Health Education England to bring e-Learning for healthcare to the OpenAthens access management federation. OpenAthens and Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) have added the e-LfH Hub and its thousands of e-learning sessions to the list of OpenAthens resources, making it even easier for eligible members of the health and social care workforce to access HEE e-LfH’s e-learning. [Full Announcement].

December 1, 2016

OpenAthens OpenAthens rolls out quick and easy dashboard for new publisher product. OpenAthens has delivered the first phase of OpenAthens Access, its new software as a service product for service providers. The new dashboard unifies two previously separate systems for easier resource set up and quicker membership to federations. [Full Announcement].

October 10, 2016

OpenAthens Over 12,000 industry standards now available with single sign-on via OpenAthens and ASTM Publications. OpenAthens has announced that ASTM International, the Pennsylvania, USA-based publisher of international standards, manuals, scholarly publications and e-learning courses has joined the OpenAthens access management federation. This move provides straightforward and secure access to ASTM International’s wide library of over 12,000 standards and related products, trusted globally by individuals and organizations in dozens of industry sectors from medical equipment and procedures through to materials manufacturing, petrochemical, and construction. [Full Announcement].

September 30, 2016

OpenAthens OpenAthens renews three-year contract to deliver access management to NHS workers in England. OpenAthens announced it has renewed its contract with NICE on behalf of the NHS in England, providing access to essential content for hundreds of thousands of front-line medical workers and researchers across the country. The arrangement, spanning a further three years for the period May 2017 to April 2020, covers the provision of access management to a wide variety of online resources, research, and databases purchased nationally, regionally, and locally for the NHS in England through dedicated accounts that are available to all health and social care staff providing NHS-commissioned care. [Full Announcement].

September 7, 2016

OpenAthens ACS Publications joins the OpenAthens access management federation. The OpenAthens Federation grows with today’s addition of the publications division of the American Chemical Society. This new partnership provides ACS members and subscribers with a streamlined path to the ACS’ world-leading suite of 50 journals, and hundreds of eBooks, along with additional transparency around usage data for institutions. [Full Announcement].

August 18, 2016

OpenAthens Venue and agenda announced for first OpenAthens Customer Conference. OpenAthens announced the venue and agenda for the first OpenAthens Customer Conference, which will bring together information professionals and technical experts from across the spectrum of healthcare, academia, corporate and publishing under the theme of Creating Connections to discuss the key challenges and opportunities facing organisations in the context of Identity and Access Management. [Full Announcement].

July 18, 2016

OpenAthens OpenAthens announces Publisher Manifesto. Following an extensive program of research into librarians and end-users’ views and experiences of Identity and Access Management, OpenAthens announces their Publisher Manifesto: a series of commitments that aim to address the common issues around IAM faced by publishers and vendors, and highlight the next steps for the publishing industry in managing access to knowledge. [Full Announcement].

June 28, 2016

OpenAthens RCS joins the OpenAthens access management federation. The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS), a professional membership association and registered charity devoted to advancing the highest standards of surgical care, has announced an expanded strategic partnership with Eduserv. RCS is the latest publisher to join the OpenAthens access management federation to provide its members with single sign-on access to their collection of journals. [Full Announcement].

April 6, 2016

OpenAthens OpenAthens enters strategic reseller partnership with Third Iron and BrowZine. OpenAthens and Third Iron have announced a strategic reseller partnership to enhance user-experience by providing a broad visual browsing search experience through BrowZine with integrated authentication through OpenAthens. The reseller partnership stems from the companies already having a set of common customers, therefore combining these two successful technologies will ensure an enhanced and seamless experience for their end-users. [Full Announcement].

October 6, 2015

OpenAthens OpenAthens launches Redirector. OpenAthens Redirector provides one-step access to subscription and other paid-for content by seamlessly requesting credentials when patrons are off-network and directly serving the content when they are in IP range. The proxy-like syntax eases the burden of link management for librarians and provides a seamless experience for users, who are increasingly demanding off-site and mobile access. [Full Announcement].

July 30, 2014

OpenAthens Swets adds OpenAthens to its portfolio of Access Management services for libraries. Swets announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Eduserv, the non-profit dedicated to developing and delivering technology services for the public sector. This agreement sees Swets adding the highly popular OpenAthens advanced access management system to its portfolio of Access Management services for libraries. [Full Announcement].