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June 21, 2011

Index Data Metaproxy -- now with Solr integration and more. Index Data announces the latest release of their Metaproxy software, with important new functionality. Metaproxy is a general-purpose switching station for searching. It accepts queries in different standards-based protocols, and relay searches to any number of back-ends using both general and platform-specific interfaces. It provides on-the-fly conversions of data, caching, session-sharing, and traffic-regulation functions, to help protect back-end production systems and provide a more robust, efficient front-end and is made available as Open Source Software. [Full Announcement].

March 21, 2007

Index Data Open Content Now Easier to Search. Index Data has launched a new service to help libraries expose open content resources to their users. The initial phase of this service offers ebooks, open access digital repositories, encyclopedia articles, and human-reviewed Internet resources. This service is being offered without charge. It is powered by Zebra and Metaproxy, two open sourc software programs developed by Index Data. [Full Announcement].

June 22, 2006

Index Data Index Data first out-the-gate with proxy front end server with built-in metasearch functionality. Index Data is introducing Metaproxy, the world''s first front end server with built-in metasearch functionality. Metaproxy receives search requests from a clients, broadcasts them to multiple databases within an organization, and presents the combined results of each search to the client as if the merged result set were coming from a single source. In addition to built-in metasearch functionality, this proxy server combines caching, load-balancing, result set merging, and other performance-enhancing mechanisms that speed up retrieval. [Full Announcement].