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September 5, 2012

Ex Libris La Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes se Actualiza a MetaLibPlus. Grupo Sistemas Lógicos, empresa líder en automatización de bibliotecas en América Latina, tiene el agrado de informar que la Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes ha actualizado su sistema de búsquedas de recursos electrónicos del MetaLib Clásico a MetaLib+ (MetaLib Plus). La nueva versión de MetaLib+ ofrece búsquedas inmediatas a través del Índice Primo Central que incluye más de 700 colecciones con 500 millones de registros, tanto de recursos contratados, como disponibles por acceso abierto en Internet y se complementa perfectamente con el sistema SFX para la integración de los recursos electrónicos. [Full Announcement].

March 30, 2009

Ex Libris Ex Libris announces the release of MetaLib Version 4.3. Ex Libris Group announced the release of version 4.3 of its MetaLib gateway and metasearch solution. Over 35 major enhancements, originating largely from requests of the MetaLib user community, focus on further streamlining staff workflows to maximize efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership. Used in nearly 50 countries worldwide, MetaLib provides powerful yet flexible management tools that can be easily adapted to customers’ local environments and practices. New functionality in this release increases this flexibility, enabling library staff to be even more responsive to the evolving needs of their users. [Full Announcement].

September 29, 2008

Ex Libris The Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Higher Education selects MetaLib to power Its virtual library. Ex Libris Group announced that Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES) has selected the MetaLib gateway and metasearch solution to power Portal.periodicos.CAPES—a virtual library of scientific and technological information maintained by the Brazilian federal government to support the country’s higher education system. MetaLib will offer CAPES users a powerful tool for accessing the over 2000 scientific databases that the agency subscribes to. [Full Announcement].

May 5, 2008

Ex Libris Oxford University Library Services chooses MetaLib by Ex Libris. Ex Libris Group today announced that just six months after going live with the company’s SFX OpenURL link resolver, Oxford University Library Services has chosen the MetaLib gateway and metasearch solution, also from Ex Libris. The combined functionality of these two products will serve as a critical part of the infrastructure for the University’s e-resource strategy. [Full Announcement].

July 26, 2007

Ex Libris Ex Libris continues to expand the MetaLib Knowledge Base with valuable GIDEON research resource. Ex Libris Group and GIDEON Informatics announced that the GIDEON (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network) database has been added to the MetaLib Central Knowledge Base. [Full Announcement].

March 29, 2007

Ex Libris Representatives of Ex Libris user groups actively participate in pre-release testing. At year-end 2006, four customer institutions joined Ex Libris Group MetaLib product-management and development teams in testing new MetaLib 4.0 product functionality prior to the general release of this version. Representatives from Portugal's Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online library consortium, Britain's Nottingham Trent University, and US-based Brown University and the Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education participated in this collaborative effort, which came in response to a request from the International Group of Ex Libris Users and Ex Libris Users of North America to take an active role in testing new versions of Ex Libris products. [Full Announcement].

March 01, 2007

Ex Libris Ex Libris Adds TechXtra and PerX Configurations to MetaLib. Ex Libris Group announced that two important new engineering and technology resources – TechXtra and PerX – have been added to the MetaLib Central KnowledgeBase of cross-searchable resources. PerX provides subject resource discovery across a series of repositories of interest to the engineering learning and research communities. TechXtra cross-searches 31 engineering, mathematics, and computing collections from over 50 publishers and providers. [Full Announcement].

February 08, 2007

Ex Libris Reach out and discover with MetaLib Version 4.00. Ex Libris Group announced the general release of MetaLib version 4.00. This version incorporates innovative features for managing result sets, provides topic clusters and author, date, and journal title facets are generated on the fly, features a fully accessible user interface that complies with Section 508, and enhanced access with SFX. [Full Announcement].

December 07, 2006

Ex Libris Dottrina Giuridica, Leading Italian Legal Database, expands international coverage of Ex Libris MetaLib metasearch system. Ex Libris and the Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques announced the integration of Dottrina Giuridica, a database of Italian law journal abstracts, in the Ex Libris MetaLib metasearch application. To support this integration, ITTIG-CNR and Ex Libris collaborated in the development of the DoGi XML gateway, which employs the Search/Retrieve via URL protocol. [Full Announcement].

September 28, 2006

Ex Libris Sabinet and Ex Libris Add Important South African Resource to MetaLib Knowledge Base. Sabinet, the online information solution provider to libraries in the academic, business, and government sectors in South Africa, and Ex Libris, a global provider of library technology solutions, announced today that SACat -- a cooperative database of all library stock in southern Africa -- can now be searched by MetaLib, the Ex Libris library portal and metasearch tool, in parallel with other MetaLib search targets. [Full Announcement].

September 14, 2006

Ex Libris Ex Libris and Cambridge University Press announce the integration of MetaLib and Cambridge Journals Online. Ex Libris and Cambridge University Press are pleased to announce the integration of MetaLib and Cambridge Journals Online, the Cambridge University Press database of articles from more than 200 academic journals. MetaLib, the Ex Libris library portal and metasearch tool, can now search the Cambridge University Press XML gateway and retrieve Cambridge Journals Online results. [Full Announcement].

June 12, 2006

Ex Libris Ex Libris integrates the Vivisimo Velocity clustering engine into MetaLib. The Ex Libris Group and Vivisimo Inc. announce that they have signed an OEM agreement for bundling Vivisimo''s Velocity Clustering Engine with version 4 of MetaLib--the Ex Libris library portal. On-the-fly subject clustering will provide users with a powerful way to explore the results, returned to MetaLib from various search targets, such as catalogs, reference databases, digital repositories, and subject-based Web gateways. [Full Announcement].

April 11, 2006

Ex Libris Ex Libris MetaLib customers Shibbolize user authentication. The Ex Libris Group announced that the Patron Directory Services of MetaLib module was successfully ‘Shibbolized'' by a number of customers in Finland, the US, and the UK. Shibbolizing PDS -- adjusting the service to enable access via Shibboleth -- provides a seamless single sign-on environment for MetaLib users. [Full Announcement].

January 30, 2006

Ex Libris ScienceDirect and Scopus now enabled for MetaLib. Ex Libris announced that ScienceDirect and Scopus are now both enabled for MetaLib, the Ex Libris portal product. ScienceDirect and Scopus are Elsevier''s primary science, technology, medicine and social science research information services. The new feature is the result of the MetaLib KnowledgeBase update released by Ex Libris, which extends MetaLib''s MetaSearch functionality, allowing end users to search and retrieve results from ScienceDirect and Scopus. [Full Announcement].

November 13, 2005

Ex Libris Ex Libris and The Berkeley Electronic Press announce the integration of MetaLib and ResearchNow Full Access. Ex Libris and The Berkeley Electronic Press announced the integration of MetaLib and ResearchNow Full Access, bepress’ new research database. MetaLib, Ex Libris’ library portal and metasearch tool, can now search the bepress XML gateway and retrieve ResearchNow Full Access results. [Full Announcement].

August 09, 2005

Ex Libris Ex Libris adds Thomson Scientific platform to MetaLib. Ex Libris is the first vendor to open up the ISI Web of Knowledge platform via their new search configuration within MetaLib’s Central KnowledgeBase. Mutual customers of both Ex Libris and Thomson Scientific will now be able to conduct a MetaSearch on the ISI Web of Knowledge platform from within their library’s portal. Thomson expects over 100,000 users daily to benefit from the XML gateway. [Full Announcement].

June 15, 2005

Ex Libris Ex Libris hosts MetaLib for Mississippi State University. Ex Libris announced that three Mississippi universities have chosen MetaLib for their federated search solution. Included in the consortium are Mississippi State University, Mississippi University for Women, and Delta State University. [Full Announcement].

June 02, 2004

Ex Libris MetaLib Version 3: a new era in library portals. Ex Libris announced the release of MetaLib version 3. The significant changes in the MetaLib user interface and workflow will set new standards for library portals. [Full Announcement].

May 14, 2004

Ex Libris CDL Selects MetaLib for Metasearch Infrastructure Project. Ex Libris announces today that the California Digital Library, University of California, has selected MetaLib as the foundation of its MetaSearch Infrastructure Project. [Full Announcement].

February 18, 2004

Ex Libris Gateway Bayern Now Powered by MetaLib. The Bavarian Library Consortium has been operating its Gateway Bayern portal with the Ex Libris MetaLib and SFX software products. MetaLib replaces the IPS-Pro system that BVB installed in 1999. BVB is made up of 28 member libraries [Full Announcement].