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June 26, 2015

ProQuest Global demand propels ProQuest to announce Intota v2. ProQuest will debut functionality of Intota v2 at the American Libraries Association annual conference in San Francisco. Capabilities in development for Intota v2 address how users think about what they do, and enable progressive academic and research libraries to evolve in a rapidly changing knowledge economy. Intota v2 is a library services platform that will encompass management of both print and electronic resources across the entire collection lifecycle. Libraries who select Intota v1 now will have special “preview access” to Intota v2 in the Spring of next year. [Full Announcement].

May 7, 2015

ProQuest University of Waikato designs a new library system with ProQuest Intota. The University of Waikato joins the growing community of libraries around the world using Intota. The University of Waikato will immediately install Intota v1 which complements print-centric systems and plans to begin using Intota v2 upon its release. [Full Announcement].

January 28, 2015

ProQuest Academic institutions select ProQuest Intota for transformative library management capabilities and industry-leading user experience. Academic institutions around the world are selecting the Intota library services platform, a transformational cloud-based service that simplifies two major challenges libraries face today: collection assessment and e-resource management. Released last June, Intota combines industry-leading discovery, linking, collection management and assessment in one system, built on a single, authoritative knowledgebase. Since the launch last year by ProQuest, more than 35 libraries around the world have chosen the first version of Intota. [Full Announcement].

November 12, 2014

ProQuest My Intota streamlines library management workflows. Day-to-day library collection management activities for academic librarians using ProQuest Intota now benefit from a new workflow feature called My Intota. My Intota provides an “Activities” and “Databases” workspace that includes tasks, deadlines and associated action steps--with multiple filtering capabilities and access to more detail relevant to the specific task--all within an easy-to-navigate single interface. [Full Announcement].

November 6, 2014

ProQuest Intota set to transform library management at key institutions in the UK. Institutions across the UK are choosing to transform their library management systems using the new cloud-based Intota, from ProQuest. Designed to address the needs of today’s libraries, Intota manages electronic collections and supports the expectations of modern patrons. [Full Announcement].

June 25, 2014

ProQuest Intota enables transformation of library workflows. Libraries struggling with the challenges of managing e-resources now have a flexible solution that streamlines their workflows. ProQuest today announced availability of Intota, a transformative Library Services Platform that integrates market-leading management, discovery and assessment capabilities into a single solution. Unlike other library management systems, Intota features e-resource lifecycle management including, Demand Driven Acquisition and the industry’s most authoritative and comprehensive Knowledgebase of library resources. [Full Announcement].

June 26, 2013

ProQuest Intota Assessment in Beta with development partners. Marist College began using Intota Assessment, a library collection analytics service from Serials Solutions, a ProQuest business. Marist is the first Intota development partner to deploy Intota Assessment, and will be followed shortly by the other five partner libraries. Vital for today's academic institutions, Intota Assessment offers libraries the ability to simplify collection maintenance, calculate its return on investment and showcase the value of the library. [Full Announcement].

January 24, 2013

ProQuest Intota Assessment Available in 2013. The Intota web-scale management solution will debut in 2013 with Intota Assessment, a library collection analytics service that provides book and serials analysis and consolidated usage. Available later this year, the new service includes a robust suite of business intelligence tools to help libraries make informed decisions regarding collection development. Intota Assessment will also be part of Intota™ delivering best in class assessment functionality in a library services platform (LSP) solution. [Full Announcement].

October 3, 2012

ProQuest Serials Solutions announces second development deployment for Intota Library Management Solution. Serials Solutions announced its six Development Partners are actively using and providing feedback on the second iteration of Intota, a web-scale collection management solution for academic and special libraries. Integrated with a newly structured knowledgebase, this code drop represents another milestone toward interoperability with other information systems and unified, intelligent workflows. [Full Announcement].

June 12, 2012

ProQuest Development partners now testing Intota. Serials Solutions announced the first functionality of Intota, a new web-scale management solution, is available to its library development partners. Less than a year after announcing development of the ground-breaking service, the six development partners reflecting a broad spectrum of academic libraries, now have access to the first iteration of Intota in a test environment. [Full Announcement].

April 24, 2012

ProQuest Serials Solutions announces Intota development partners. Serials Solutions announced the institutions that are collaborating with the company to develop Intota, a Software-as-a-Service solution that supports the entire resource lifecycle for libraries, including selection, acquisition, cataloging, discovery, and fulfillment regardless of resource type. The six development partners reflect a broad spectrum of visionary institutions and academic research libraries; from public and private, community college and university, to single university and consortia systems. [Full Announcement].

January 21, 2012

ProQuest Web-Scale management solution has a new name: Intota. The discovery and management family of services from Serials solutions has a name: it will be called Intota [Full Announcement].

June 22, 2011

ProQuest Serials Solutions announces development of New Web-Scale Management Solution to improve the efficiency of library operations. Serials Solutions announced the development of a new web-scale management solution that will dramatically improve workflows for librarians, further increasing productivity and quality of service to their patrons. Built entirely new from the ground up, Serials Solutions will provide librarians with a single, comprehensive service that will eventually eliminate the need for integrated library systems, improve efficiencies and address the challenges libraries experience today when managing their physical and electronic content and collections. The new Serials Solutions service will address the industry’s fundamental shift to electronic content, while still supporting librarians’ needs to manage their print and local collections. To do this, Serials Solutions will develop a solution that enables the cohesive management of a libraries’ collection, including the ability to select, purchase, catalog, circulate, compare, manage, fulfill, assess and report on their content, regardless of format. The service will also tightly integrate into the discovery process, working with the Summon™ service as well as other discovery solutions, creating an integrated, end-to-end solution. [Full Announcement].