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April 29, 2022

The Library Corporation Libraries Contribute Bibliographic Records for TLC's ITS.MARC Databases. The Library Corporation has expanded ITS.MARC resources with new contributed datasets. TLC established new partnerships to provide libraries with access to recently published titles. The high-quality copy cataloging service from TLC now provides over 81 million records from 23 databases. Of which, school and public library partners contribute 1.2 million records, with more on the way. [Full Announcement].

June 25, 2009

The Library Corporation TLC expands MARC records database with EF Sears. The Library Corporation is pleased to announce that it has bolstered its already impressive ITS.MARC database with EF Sears, a rich and growing collection of MARC records compiled by EF Library Services LLC. [Full Announcement].

February 11, 2004

The Library Corporation TLC launches Z39.50 ITS.MARC mirror server in Singapore. TLC has created a Z39.50 mirror server in Singapore for ITS.MARC cataloging customers in Asia. [Full Announcement].

July 24, 1997

The Library Corporation ITS.MARC to provide unlimited online access to MARC records at an affordable price: users can search custom-built database of approximately 10 million records. The Library Corporation announced that ITS.MARC will debut on August 1, 1997. ITS.MARC is an innovative new service that will allow any user, regardless of cataloging experience or training, Web access to TLC''s pool of approximately 10 million non-royalty MARC records—for one low fixed price, per user. [Full Announcement].