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September 10, 2002

epixtech, inc.. Award-winning Canadian Library to install Horizon Sunrise. epixtech announces that the Winnipeg Public Library will migrate from its Dynix automation system to epixtech''s next generation Horizon Sunrise system. A Dynix customer since 1989, the library announced that its migration to Horizon Sunrise will include the immediate installation of several complimentary epixtech products, including iPac, TeleCirc II, PC Reliance, and Resource Sharing System interlibrary loan software. [Full Announcement].

July 16, 2002

epixtech, inc.. Whistler Public Library moves ahead with Horizon Sunrise. Whistler Public Library (WPL) in Whistler, B.C., has chosen epixtech''s Horizon Sunrise system as its new automation solution. [Full Announcement].

July 12, 2002

epixtech, inc.. St. John's College: Santa Fe Signs ASP Contract with epixtech. St. John''s College in Santa Fe, NM, a Micro VTLS customer since 1994, has signed an ASP contract for Horizon Sunrise from epixtech. [Full Announcement].

July 8, 2002

epixtech, inc.. Six More Dynix Customers Select Horizon Sunrise. epixtech has signed contracts with six Dynix customers that will join the nearly 175 Dynix libraries that have migrated to Horizon Sunrise. These Dynix customers migrating to Horizon Sunrise include Burlington Public Library (IA), Capital Region Board of Cooperative Educational Services (Latham, NY), Colby-Sawyer College (New London, NH), Evanston/Skokie School District #65 (Skokie, IL), Ft. Lewis Library System (WA), and Sioux City Community Schools (IA). [Full Announcement].

May 20, 2002

epixtech, inc.. General Release of Horizon Sunrise 7.2. epixtech, inc. today announced the general release of Horizon Sunrise 7.2, the third major release in the Horizon Sunrise series. Horizon Sunrise 7.2 introduces both the new Sunrise application launcher and an entirely new MARC editor that has incorporated many customer recommendations. [Full Announcement].

May 9, 2002

epixtech, inc.. Brazoria County Library System Moves to Horizon Sunrise. The Brazoria County Library System in Angleton, TX, an epixtech customer using Dynix software since 1994, has signed a contract to upgrade its automation system to epixtech''s Horizon Sunrise system. [Full Announcement].

April 25, 2002

epixtech, inc.. West Memphis Public Library chooses epixtech's Horizon Sunrise. The West Memphis Public Library recently selected epixtech''s Horizon Sunrise system to provide automated services to library patrons and staff. [Full Announcement].

March 18, 2002

epixtech, inc.. Harrison County Library System migrates from Dynix to Horizon Sunrise. Harrison County Library System (Gulfport, MS), an epixtech customer running a Dynix system since 1996, has selected Horizon Sunrise from epixtech to be their next generation system. Serving the county with nine branches, the system has a collection of over 280,000 items with an annual circulation of 760,000. They will be running their Horizon Sunrise system from a Dell 6400, linked to 204 computers located throughout the county. [Full Announcement].

March 13, 2002

epixtech, inc.. Ocean County Public Library system migrates to Horizon Sunrise. Ocean County Public Library System in Toms Rivers New Jersey is migrating from their Dynix system to a Horizon Sunrise system from epixtech to take advantage of Horizon''s flexibility, expanded functionality, and ease of use. The system will go live this summer, making Ocean County one of more than 150 epixtech customers who have migrated from the company''s Dynix software to Horizon Sunrise. [Full Announcement].

October 27, 2001

epixtech, inc.. epixtech promises 7th Heaven with Horizon 7.0 to staff and users at Westminster Kingsway College. epixtech has recently been awarded the contract to provide library automation services to Westminster Kingsway College, and will install the Horizon Sunrise 7.0 system across the Colleges multi-site environment. [Full Announcement].

June 17, 2001

epixtech, inc.. epixtech and N2H2 Solutions partner in Web management options. epixtech and N2H2 Solutions, specialists in fast and scalable web management solutions, have partnered to offer Internet management options to epixtech customers. Many libraries are seeking flexible options in response to community requirements for web management. N2H2 Solutions'' web management service allows libraries to provide patrons with Web access and, at the same time, gives them the flexibility to choose exactly what materials should be offered based on the library''s use policies. [Full Announcement].

June 13, 2001

epixtech, inc.. epixtech, inc. teams with Syndetic Solutions Inc. to provide enriched content to library patrons. epixtech, inc., producer of Dynix and Horizon Sunrise library automation systems, announced that they have teamed with Portland, Oregon-based Syndetic Solutions, Inc. to deliver enriched content through iPac, epixtech''s web-based online catalog module. Library patrons will view a wealth of content information from Syndetic Solutions by simply clicking on iPac icons. This information includes table of contents, reviews, synopses and annotations, author notes, cover art images, and excerpts as well as fiction and biography headings. [Full Announcement].

May 31, 2001

epixtech, inc.. epixtech's Horizon Sunrise 7.0 released, meeting expectations. epixtech, Inc. announced the general release of Horizon Sunrise 7.0. New features included in Horizon Sunrise 7.0 include Z39.50 cataloging, circulation enhancements such as hold suspension and cluster hold capability, Windows 2000 client support, Unicode enhancements, and other new features. [Full Announcement].