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May 18, 2022

Gale Group The University of Nottingham drives 21st-century data literacy with Gale Digital Scholar Lab. Gale, part of Cengage Group, is helping the University of Nottingham expand its digital research methods for teaching and learning digital humanities. The university is using Gale Digital Scholar Lab within its Digital Transformation Hub to support students in the widespread digital shift in humanities. The Lab makes digital research methods available to all of the university's students and researchers. This enables professors and researchers to look at large amounts of data without learning a new set of tools—and students to develop transferable 21st-century skills that they can use beyond college and in the workplace. [Full Announcement].

May 20, 2020

Gale Group Gale Digital Scholar Lab adds instructional support and gains customer momentum. Gale, a Cengage company, is providing digital humanities students and researchers with a streamlined learning experience for building text analysis projects. The company has added instructional support to the Gale Digital Scholar Lab with the launch of its new integrated Learning Center. Now users have a learning framework that provides step-by-step instruction that helps them navigate and learn throughout the Lab’s workflow. This creates an entirely new structure for teaching best practices, research principles and the iterative nature of digital scholarship, in a manner that’s teachable and repeatable, putting research and learning first. [Full Announcement].