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November 9, 2022

EBSCO Information Services The Open Window Institute is now live on the FOLIO library services platform with EBSCO FOLIO. The Open Window Institute, together with its sister-institution, Creative Academy, have adopted the FOLIO Library Services Platform. The implementation was managed and completed by local service partner Universal Knowledge Software and EBSCO Information Services. EBSCO will continue to offer infrastructure, integration and hosting services for the university through EBSCO FOLIO. [Full Announcement].

October 6, 2022

EBSCO Information Services University of Zululand is now live on the FOLIO library services platform with EBSCO FOLIO. University of Zululand located in South Africa has successfully adopted the FOLIO Library Services Platform. The implementation was managed and completed by local service partner Universal Knowledge Software and EBSCO Information Services EBSCO will continue to offer infrastructure, integration and hosting services for the university through EBSCO FOLIO. [Full Announcement].

October 5, 2022

EBSCO Information Services El reciente anuncio de la Biblioteca del Congreso ha hecho que EBSCO Information Services busque una nueva palabra para Next-Gen. El pasado miércoles 21 de septiembre de 2022, la Biblioteca del Congreso anunció que migraría a FOLIO utilizando los servicios de EBSCO FOLIO para "transformar la gestión y el acceso a sus colecciones" a través de su plataforma de acceso a las colecciones de la biblioteca. El anuncio dejó claro que la Biblioteca del Congreso vio la decisión de pasarse a FOLIO como una forma de "seguir desarrollando e implementando una nueva plataforma de TI de código abierto que revolucionará la forma en que las vastas colecciones físicas y digitales de la biblioteca se gestionan y se hacen accesibles para el público, el Congreso, los empleados de la biblioteca y otras instituciones". [Full Announcement].

September 21, 2022

Library of Congress Library of Congress launches effort to transform collections management and access. The Library of Congress has awarded a major contract to further develop and implement a new, open-source IT platform that will revolutionize how the Library's vast physical and digital collections are managed and made accessible for the public, Congress, Library employees and other institutions. The Library awarded an IDIQ contract to EBSCO Information Services, of Ipswich, Massachusetts with an initial spend of $7.77 million. The first phase of the platform's development will cost $10.4 million over three years to meet the scale and complexity of the Library's operations, with options to invest in additional components that could be developed by other vendors and may extend beyond the three-year timeframe. [Full Announcement].

August 31, 2022

EBSCO Information Services MOBIUS selects FOLIO via EBSCO Information Services and ReShare Returnables from Project ReShare. MOBIUS has announced that it has selected and will be implementing EBSCO FOLIO from EBSCO Information Services as its new library services platform as well as ReShare Returnables from Project ReShare as its new resource sharing system. These two new systems will replace Innovative Interfaces' Sierra and INN-Reach systems. MOBIUS will begin the migration process in late 2022 with plans to be fully operational by the spring of 2024. Both EBSCO FOLIO and ReShare Returnables are truly modern systems based on the way today's libraries work. FOLIO is a community driven, open source platform that supports traditional library operations just like a traditional integrated library system and positions MOBIUS for greater community collaboration around knowledge management. FOLIO was launched in 2016 and it was designed to encourage innovation. EBSCO FOLIO provides hosting and service support from EBSCO Information Services as part of EBSCO FOLIO Services. [Full Announcement].

July 11, 2022

Five College Consortium FOLIO rolls out to the Five College Libraries Consortium. UMass Amherst Libraries and the Five College Consortium announce the adoption of FOLIO, an open-source library services platform, which will begin operation throughout the Five College Libraries later this month. UMass Amherst librarians, along with our Five College partners, are among the first set of early adopters—and adapters. The Five College Consortium worked with EBSCO, one of the largest providers of digital library content in the world, to develop and beta test the implementation and hosting services for FOLIO. [Full Announcement].

July 7, 2022

Mt Holyoke College. Summer Migration to FOLIO. Yesterday afternoon the Five Colleges Libraries completed the review of our new library services platform implementation, and officially accepted our new FOLIO environment. We are pleased to announce that backend systems operations and staff work are now underway in FOLIO. [Full Announcement].

June 29, 2022

College of the Holy Cross. A New Online Catalog. Holy Cross Libraries have launched a new online catalog. We are now using FOLIO, an open-source library services platform developed collaboratively by libraries, developers, and vendors. FOLIO brings a modern approach to library systems and will allow the Libraries to leverage the latest technology and standards. [Full Announcement].

June 24, 2022

EBSCO Information Services More than fifty libraries and library systems live on EBSCO FOLIO Library Services Platform. More than fifty universities and library systems across the globe have now adopted the full EBSCO FOLIO Library Services Platform or leveraged EBSCO FOLIO Electronic Resource Management via EBSCO FOLIO Services. The sites and systems that have adopted EBSCO FOLIO have leveraged the implementation expertise, hosting and support services available through EBSCO Information Services. While most have implemented the full LSP, libraries and systems have also moved from existing ERM tools or instituted their first-ever ERM leveraging EBSCO FOLIO. [Full Announcement].

University of Massachusetts Amherst UMass Amherst Libraries migrate to new Library Services Platform. The Libraries will migrate back-end system operations from the current library system (ALEPH) to FOLIO at the end of June 2022. FOLIO is a collaboration of libraries, developers, and vendors building an open source library services platform that supports traditional resource management functionality while also opening the door for innovation in an increasingly digital world. Our Five Colleges libraries will be the first consortium to fully implement FOLIO, and we are excited about the opportunities this forward-looking system will provide. [Full Announcement].

April 13, 2022

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services and Dataly Tech Offer FOLIO Implementation Services for Libraries in Greece and Cyprus. EBSCO Information Services and Dataly Tech have partnered to support libraries adopting the FOLIO Library Services Platform. EBSCO and Dataly Tech with the EBSCO FOLIO team will collaborate to provide reliable local hosting and support services to libraries in Greece and Cyprus who select the FOLIO platform. [Full Announcement].

January 19, 2022

Index Data Spokane (Washington) Public Library Adopts the FOLIO Platform. Spokane (Washington) Public Library became the first public library in North America to use the FOLIO Library Services Platform. The library uses Index Data to host and support the open source platform for its six branches and community of 210,000 residents. Averaging over two million circulations per year, it is among the largest installations of FOLIO to date. [Full Announcement].

November 30, 2021

EBSCO Information Services Jorge Tadeo Lozano University to adopt the FOLIO LSP. Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (UTadeo) has become the first library in Colombia to choose FOLIO as its Library Services Platform (LSP). The university will use EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) for implementation and hosting services via EBSCO FOLIO. UTadeo has begun implementation and has plans to go fully live on FOLIO in May 2022. [Full Announcement].

EBSCO Information Services La Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano implementará FOLIO LSP. La Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano se ha convertido en la primera biblioteca de Colombia en elegir FOLIO como su plataforma de servicios bibliotecarios. La universidad utilizará EBSCO Information Services para la implementación y el alojamiento de los servicios a través de EBSCO FOLIO. La UTadeo ha comenzado la implementación y tiene planes de estar completamente disponible en FOLIO en mayo de 2022. [Full Announcement].

October 5, 2021

EBSCO Information Services Chile's University of Concepcion now live with the FOLIO Library Services Platform. University of Concepcion has become the first library in Chile and Latin America to fully adopt the FOLIO Library Services Platform. UdeC utilized EBSCO FOLIO from EBSCO Information Services for their implementation services and will continue to use EBSCO FOLIO for hosting services. This is the first FOLIO implementation in Latin America and will serve as an example for libraries in the region looking to switch to an open-source LSP. [Full Announcement].

EBSCO Information Services La Universidad de Concepción de Chile ya está en funcionamiento con la Plataforma de Servicios Bibliotecarios FOLIO. La Universidad de Concepción se ha convertido en la primera biblioteca de Chile y de América Latina en implementar la Plataforma de Servicios Bibliotecarios FOLIO. La UdeC utilizó EBSCO FOLIO de EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) para sus servicios de implementación y seguirá utilizando EBSCO FOLIO para los servicios de hosting. Esta es la primera implementación de FOLIO en América Latina y servirá como ejemplo para las bibliotecas de la región que buscan cambiarse a un LSP de código abierto. [Full Announcement].

October 4, 2021

FOLIO FOLIO Launches Juniper Release. The FOLIO Open Source Community has delivered its latest named release as the platform continues to grow. The Juniper Release includes platform updates and integration improvements that will provide libraries with even more features and functionality when adopting FOLIO. [Full Announcement].

September 24, 2021

Index Data CU Boulder partners with Index Data on data migration for FOLIO. A project to employ an open source Libraries Services Platform (LSP) to manage materials and resources at the University Libraries and the William A. Wise Law Library reached a significant milestone in August when preparation for transferring data between the old system and the new began. Index Data, a software and services company specializing in creating and providing services for innovative products and tools for the library ecosystem, is managing this transfer of data from the legacy system to the FOLIO LSP. [Full Announcement].

July 26, 2021

Wellesley College. New Integrated Library System. Wellesley College Library and Information Services will be moving to a new integrated library system for print and electronic resource management, discovery, access, and reporting. The new system will replace Millennium and provide a new platform for SuperSearch. [Full Announcement].

July 16, 2021

Cornell University. Library launches future with FOLIO. At the start of July 2021, Cornell University Library made a giant leap to the future by implementing an innovative integrated library system (ILS) called FOLIO, becoming the first large research library in the world to migrate to the platform. [Full Announcement].