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September 24, 2009

Ex Libris DigiTool Goes Live at the National Library of Luxembourg. Ex Libris announced that the DigiTool digital asset management solution has gone live at the National Library of Luxembourg. Using the DigiTool platform, the National Library—which also runs the Ex Libris Aleph integrated library system, MetaLib gateway and metasearch portal, and SFX OpenURL link resolver—has made the nation’s 160-year-old newspaper archive available online. [Full Announcement].

December 14, 2006

Ex Libris CCS GmbH and Ex Libris Announce Partnership Agreement for Integrated Digital Solution. CCS GmbH, a provider of content conversion and digitization services, and Ex Libris reached an agreement for the integration of CCS docWORKS with the DigiTool digital asset management tool from Ex Libris. [Full Announcement].

October 26, 2006

Ex Libris The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries chooses DigiTool as a cornerstone for E-Archiving Project. Ex Libris, announced that the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries has chosen DigiTool, the Ex Libris digital asset management solution, as the platform for the Consortium's E-Archiving project. The Swiss Consortium is the third German-language academic consortium to select DigiTool. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich library will operate the Swiss system. [Full Announcement].

August 31, 2006

Ex Libris DigiTool racks up North American sales. The Ex Libris Group today announced a number of recent North American sales of DigiTool, Ex Libris digital asset management system. Amherst College, the Florida Center for Library Automation, the University of South Florida, and The Library of Virginia have all selected DigiTool to provide their next generation digital asset management system. [Full Announcement].

March 30, 2006

Ex Libris The Bavarian Library Network goes live with DigiTool 3.0. Ex Libris announced that the Bavarian Library Network is now using DigiTool as the basis for its central repository. During the last few years, the members of the Bavarian Library Network have been involved in a large-scale digitalization effort of their collections. DigiTool will now serve as the central system for management, delivery, and archiving of digitized/multimedia objects belonging to the participating libraries. [Full Announcement].

March 16, 2006

Ex Libris DigiTool Debuts in Mexico. Ex Libris announced that the University of Guadalajara, Mexico has selected DigiTool as its digital asset management system--becoming the first Mexican institution to acquire this product. The University plans to make DigiTool a key element in its soon-to-be inaugurated digital library which will serve as the technological platform supporting its research and academic activities. [Full Announcement].

January 19, 2006

Ex Libris DigiTool Forecast for the Northeast. Ex Libris announced the addition to its North American DigiTool customer base of two important academic and research sites, University of New Hampshire System and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. [Full Announcement].

August 17, 2005

Ex Libris The University Library Center of North Rhineland-Westphalia chooses DigiTool Version 3.0. Ex Libris announced that hbz, the University Library Center of Germany’s largest state, has entered into a contract with Ex Libris for the licensing and implementation of the newest version of the Company’s digital asset management system - DigiTool 3.0, as the central repository for libraries and institutions that are members of the hbz consortium. [Full Announcement].

June 22, 2005

Ex Libris DigiTool Version 3--the enterprise solution for institutional repositories--enters beta testing stage. Ex Libris announced that DigiTool version 3, an enterprise solution for the management of digital assets in libraries and academic environments, has entered the Beta testing stage. Version 3.0 is a major release that introduces new functionality in all aspects of the product and boasts innovative and comprehensive workflows for building institutional repositories, preserving their content, and allowing for its exploration. [Full Announcement].

July 12, 2004

Ex Libris Florida State University selects DigiTool. Ex Libris announced that the Florida State University Libraries have selected DigiTool as the centerpiece and foundation for their growing digital library collections. [Full Announcement].

June 10, 2004

Ex Libris Ex Libris releases DigiTool Version 2.4 featuring support for qualified Dublin Core, institutional repositories, and single sign-sn. The Ex Libris Group announced the release of DigiTool Version 2.4, a significant developmental milestone in the Company’s powerful digital asset management solution. [Full Announcement].

December 21, 2003

Ex Libris The Royal Library of Belgium chooses DigiTool. Ex Libris announced that the Royal Library of Belgium has chosen to implement the DigiTool digital asset management system to control and enable sharing of its collection of electronic publications. [Full Announcement].

January 06, 2003

Ex Libris DigiTool at Leiden University: oldest Dutch University buys youngest Ex Libris product. The Leiden University Library has awarded Ex Libris a contract for DigiTool, the company’s digital-asset management system. [Full Announcement].

December 16, 2002

Ex Libris University of Iowa selects the tool they’ll use to handle their digital assets - DigiTool from Ex Libris. Ex Libris announced that the University of Iowa selected DigiTool to complement their selection of ALEPH, MetaLib and SFX for supporting their long-term digital asset management plan. [Full Announcement].

August 29, 2002

Ex Libris Ex Libris announces DigiTool is in general release. Ex Libris announced today that DigiTool, its digital asset management product, is now available in general release. DigiTool is a full function, digital asset management system designed for libraries and information centers and can be used as a standalone system or it can be integrated with the ALEPH system or other ILS systems. [Full Announcement].

March 20, 2002

Ex Libris DigiTool selected as the digital collections solution at Brandeis University. Ex Libris announced that Brandeis University has awarded a contract to Ex Libris for the implementation of DigiTool, as their digital asset management system. [Full Announcement].