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August 15, 2014

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Fifteen Libraries Go Live with Sierra Library Services Platform in One-Month Period. Innovative announced that 15 libraries have gone live with the Sierra Library Services Platform in the most recent four-week period. [Full Announcement].

21, 2007

BookSurge. BookSurge, an Amazon Group, and Kirtas collaborate to preserve and distribute historic archival books. BookSurge, an Amazon group and leader in Print on Demand services, and Kirtas Technologies, a world leader in high-quality nondestructive book digitization, today announced a collaboration with universities and public libraries to preserve thousands of rare and inaccessible books from their collections and distribute them via BookSurge’s Print-on-Demand service. This collaboration, which will greatly enhance the selection of rare and historic books for sale on and other retail channels, represents a breakthrough approach to digitization and preservation that will ensure the public will have access to these works indefinitely via Print on Demand. This initiative will also help these institutions fund their mission of preserving these vast literary collections by offering a revenue source from the sales of content these institutions own or that is in the public domain on Kirtas will provide economical, nondestructive scanning technology. In addition to providing funding for their ongoing digitization efforts, this collaboration gives libraries and universities complete control over what is being scanned in their collections. [Full Announcement].

February 25, 2003

Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.. ENCompass chosen system for Maine statewide libraries. Endeavor Information Systems announced the University of Maine and the State of Maine Library partnered to select the ENCompass for Resource Access system for providing instant access to e-resources and expanded search capabilities and the LinkFinderPlus advanced linking system. [Full Announcement].