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May 23, 2011

Ex Libris CCLA Upgrades LINCCWeb Library Portal To Operate Using New Primo Central Discovery Service. The College Center for Library Automation (CCLA), system provider of automated library services and electronic resources to Floridaís 28 public colleges, has upgraded the foundation software of its statewide library information portal, LINCCWeb, to operate using the new Primo Central discovery service. Primo Central is the newest library information discovery service from software vendor Ex Libris. CCLA has served as an early adopter of Primo Central, collaborating with Ex Libris on the productís development and refinement since 2010. [Full Announcement].

January 17, 2007

Ex Libris Ex Libris announces Primo Charter Members Program. Ex Libris Group announced the formation of the Primo Charter Members Program--providing a leading group of organizations with the opportunity to collaborate on the development of Primo. [Full Announcement].