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August 19, 2019

PSI. LibLynx and PSI partner on real-time Open Access Usage Reporting. Liblynx and PSI partner to deliver real time usage metrics to organisations wanting to learn who is accessing their Open Access content. The new OA Usage Reporting solution works by capturing and analysing raw usage data from a publisher’s platform. The organisational source of usage is identified by matching incoming IP addresses against PSI’s to provide organisational detail of users and geographical data for all remote use. The analysis can also identify malicious access, such as Sci-Hub downloads, by matching data to PSI’s database. [Full Announcement].

February 25, 2019

PSI. Important new EZproxy security feature calls out to PSI’s blocklist for validation. PSI announced that OCLC is using PSI’s IP Intrusion Service block list to provide a new security feature for their latest release. EZproxy 6.5 contains an important feature that incorporates a real-time call out to a security API that validates the IP address of the requester and logs/denies access if the IP address is a known pirate/hacker. This greatly reduces the time-consuming and manual process of scanning log files for hacked credentials. The API calls out to a blocklist created by and validated via is a repository that contains over 1.5 billion verified IP addresses from 60,000 content licensing organizations worldwide. Both and are maintained by PSI Ltd. [Full Announcement].

June 7, 2018

PSI. has partnered with Remote Xs to further remove barriers to access. In addition to their existing partnership with Research4Life, has also now partnered with Remote Xs. All of the IP addresses that Remote Xs have supplied to libraries are now loaded in ready to be used by publishers*. This information will allow publishers to provide access to libraries in parts of the world that have previously been “off limits” to many publishers. [Full Announcement].

March 22, 2018

PSI. SiQ and PSI partner for reporting the great unknown. SiQ and PSI are delighted to release a new integration of IP Registry data to COUNTER and publisher usage reporting and analytics, significantly resolving the issue in attributing institutional usage to unknown or expired sets of IP ranges. [Full Announcement].