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September 14, 2021

Library of Congress Library of Congress names New IT leadership. Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden has appointed Judith Conklin as the chief information officer of the Library of Congress and John Rutledge the deputy chief information officer. The two executives will serve as the Library's senior information technology experts, ensuring technology operations are aligned with the Library's strategic plan. Conklin will also serve as the primary adviser to the Librarian of Congress on all technology matters and as a voting member on the Library's Executive Committee. [Full Announcement].

September 1, 2021

Library of Congress Library of Congress releases data for free download and discovery. The Library of Congress announced its third release of records in its online catalog for free bulk download for research and discovery. The release supports the Library's effort to continuously expand open access to its vast collections. This MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging Records) release surpasses previous releases and adds more than 200,000 new records to the existing 25 million record database. [Full Announcement].

June 29, 2021

Library of Congress Renowned digital humanities researchers begin computing cultural heritage in the cloud. Three renowned researchers in digital humanities and computer science are joining forces with the Library of Congress on three inaugural Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud projects, exploring how biblical quotations, photographic styles and ďfuzzy searchesĒ reveal more about the collections in the world's largest Library than first meets the eye. [Full Announcement].

June 24, 2021

Library of Congress Library of Congress Announces Copyright Public Modernization Committee. The Library of Congress announced today the membership of the new Copyright Public Modernization Committee (CPMC), which is being convened to enhance communication and provide a public forum for the technology-related aspects of the U.S. Copyright Office's modernization initiative. The first CPMC meeting will be hosted by the Library on July 22, 2021. [Full Announcement].

December 16, 2020

Library of Congress Library of Congress appoints new Chief of Research and Reference Services. The Library of Congress has appointed Dennis Clark as chief of Research and Reference Services. Clark brings more than 22 years' experience as an administrator and librarian to the Library, where he will lead public research services, onsite and online user engagement and the development of the majority of the 30 million items in the Library's General Collections. [Full Announcement].

March 13, 2017

Library of Congress Library of Congress BIBFRAME 2.0 Components Available. The Library of Congress is making available for public use the following BIBFRAME 2.0 components. They are the result of work the Library is carrying out for a new Pilot for the input of BIBFRAME 2.0 data. To create the environment for that Pilot, the Library is converting the whole Library of Congress bibliographic file to BIBFRAME (model and vocabulary). This means developing BIBFRAME Work and Instance descriptions from the MARC Bibliographic records, bringing together and linking Work and Instance descriptions, and integrating them with Work descriptions converted from title and name/title MARC Authority records. This development has resulted in the following BIBFRAME 2.0 components and tools that we now share with the community for others to carry out development and investigations of the linked data environment using the BIBFRAME 2.0 Vocabulary. [Full Announcement].

February 24, 2016

Library of Congress President Obama announces his intent to nominate Carla D. Hayden as Librarian of Congress. President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Carla D. Hayden as Librarian of Congress. Dr. Carla D. Hayden is CEO of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland, a position she has held since 1993. Dr. Hayden was nominated by President Obama to be a member of the National Museum and Library Services Board in January 2010 and was confirmed by the Senate in June 2010. [Full Announcement].

September 10, 2015

Library of Congress Library announces grant recipients for educational app development. The Library of Congress announced the selection of three organizations that will receive a total of $950,000 during the next two years to support the development of engaging web- and mobile-based applications on the subjects of Congress and civic participation, for use in K-12 classrooms. [Full Announcement].

September 8, 2015

Library of Congress Librarian Appoints Bernard A. Barton Jr. Chief Information Officer. Librarian of Congress James H. Billington today announced the appointment of Bernard A. Barton Jr. as chief information officer of the Library of Congress. [Full Announcement].

August 6, 2015

Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms available through the LC Linked Data Service. The Library of Congress announces the availability in its Linked Data Service (LC LDS) of the LC Demographic Group Terms vocabulary, which the Library is developing in consultation with the ALA ALCTS Subject Access Committee. The demographic terms can be accessed as one composite list or through 12 lists representing various demographic categories, such as age groups and occupational groups. Individual members of the lists may be searched via key word. [Full Announcement].

June 10, 2015

Library of Congress James H. Billington to retire as Librarian effective Jan. 1, 2016. James H. Billington, the 13th Librarian of Congress and renowned scholar of Russia, today announced that he will retire from the position of Librarian effective January 1, 2016. Billington informed President Barack Obama and called congressional leadership to share his plans. The vacancy will be filled by presidential nomination, with confirmation by the U.S. Senate. [Full Announcement].

Library of Congress PREMIS version3 now available. The PREMIS Editorial Committee announced the availability of PREMIS version 3.0. This is a major new version with a revised data model, enhancing the ability to express information about software and hardware environments and intellectual entities. [Full Announcement].

April 27, 2015

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Data Block to be revised summer 2015. The Library of Congress announced that a new version of the CIP Data Block, the cataloging information printed by publishers at the front of the book, will be implemented by the Cataloging in Publication Program this summer, no earlier than July 1, 2015. [Full Announcement].

May 2, 2014

Library of Congress BIBFRAME Editor released. The Library of Congress announce that a BIBFRAME Editor is now available from the BIBFRAME website. This tool is a front end input tool that can be integrated with a back end datastore to create original BIBFRAME descriptions, store them, and recall them for editing. We expect this tool to help experimenters create implementations that will test elements of the BIBFRAME model and vocabulary, in addition to linked data aspects of the BIBFRAME initiative. We see the use of this basic tool as a component of experimental systems that YOU build and look forward to a sharing of enhancements. [Full Announcement].

October 21, 2012

Library of Congress Bibliographic Framework as a Web of Data: Linked Data Model and Supporting Services. The Library of Congress is pleased to report that we have reached two important milestones with respect to our Bibliographic Framework Initiative: the introduction of a draft data model for web-based bibliographic description and a first meeting of a small group of early experimenters currently exploring the feasibility of the proposed model. The new model is simply called BIBFRAME, short for Bibliographic Framework. The model document is a high-level view of the BIBFRAME model - a primer. Although the model is a draft and expected to change, we want to share it now with the community not only so that you are informed of progress being made but also to engender conversation and constructive feedback. [Full Announcement].

May 22, 2012

Library of Congress Library of Congress announces modeling initiative. The Library of Congress is pleased to announce that it has contracted with Zepheira to help accelerate the launch of the Bibliographic Framework Initiative. A major focus of the project is to translate the MARC 21 format to a Linked Data model while retaining as much as possible the robust and beneficial aspects of the historical format. Zepheira brings to the project extensive experience in Linked Data technology for library applications. [Full Announcement].

August 10, 2010

Library of Congress Library's approach to Open Source attracts crowd at GW presentation. The Library of Congress is actively exploring development of open-source software for supporting digital stewardship activities. Leslie Johnston, manager of Technical Architecture Initiatives for the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, spoke on this subject at George Washington University on July 15, 2010. [Full Announcement].

January 14, 2010

Library of Congress Library explores ways to release open source software. n the spirit of transparency and community, the Library of Congress has established an internal process to create open source software. This will make it easier for software developers and sponsors within the Library to produce software that can be freely redistributed to users worldwide. [Full Announcement].

November 2, 2009

Library of Congress Catalogerís Desktop 3.0 is a Major Product Re-systemization. Catalogerís Desktop 3.0 is now available. It is a major modernization of the popular web-based subscription service. Desktop is the Library of Congressís integrated, online documentation service with the most important cataloging and metadata resources. The re-systemization of the service features a significantly enhanced bibliographic web-based toolbox. [Full Announcement].

February 19, 2009

Library of Congress Catalogerís Desktop 3.0 Now in Development. Catalogerís Desktop-the Library of Congressís integrated, online documentation service with the most important cataloging and metadata resources-is now undergoing major modernization. The result will be Desktop 3.0: a significantly enhanced bibliographic web-based toolbox targeted for release to subscribers mid-year 2009. [Full Announcement].