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October 31, 2022

LibLynx Annual Reviews selects LibLynx for Open Access Analytics. Annual Reviews has selected LibLynx to generate open access usage analytics to better understand the global impact of publishing open content in their journals and Knowable magazine. Annual Reviews needed analytics to communicate the impact and value to institutions of supporting their Subscribe to Open model. Under this model, once institutional subscriptions have met a sufficient level, new volumes are published OA under a Creative Commons license. [Full Announcement].

September 12, 2022

LibLynx LibLynx and ChronosHub partner to simplify researcher access to editorial services. Integrating LibLynx into the ChronosHub access workflow provides users with a single access point for their Emerald journey. Users have a simple and consistent access experience whether engaging with content pre-publication or post-publication. And Emerald has a more complete understanding of users needs, enabling them to more effectively support them during the researcher lifecycle. [Full Announcement].

May 25, 2022

LibLynx LibLynx enables Economist Intelligence to improve Identity, Access and Analytics. Economist Intelligence is partnering with LibLynx to power identity, access and analytics for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a world leader in business intelligence. [Full Announcement].

November 30, 2021

LibLynx LibLynx integrates with to simplify access control for De Gruyter. LibLynx has integrated data from into its Identity & Access solution to enable publishers to automatically maintain registered IP addresses. The enhanced service launched on the new De Gruyter publishing platform in October 2021. [Full Announcement].

November 16, 2021

LibLynx LibLynx and PSI Metrics deliver industry reporting milestone for PLOS. A collaboration between LibLynx and PSI Metrics has enabled the Public Library of Science to become the first wholly Open Access publisher to deliver Release 5 COUNTER-compliant usage reporting to the library community. This is an important milestone in the development of usage reporting that meets the growing needs of the OA movement. [Full Announcement].

September 14, 2021

LibLynx LibLynx enables Emerald Publishing to improve remote access through SeamlessAccess integration. Emerald's progressive digital research platform, Emerald Insight, now enables researchers to seamlessly access research from wherever they are and from whatever device. The SeamlessAccess service, enabled through an integration with LibLynx's identity & access solution, automatically recognises if a researcher has previously logged into Emerald Insight using Shibboleth or OpenAthens and remembers their institution as their first option so that they do not need to manually search for their institution on each user experience. This secure single sign-on process is quicker and easier. [Full Announcement].

August 12, 2020

LibLynx PLOS and LibLynx partner to develop open access analytics. The Public Library of Science and LibLynx announced a partnership today to develop ground-breaking analytics that better communicate the usage and impact of Open Access content. [Full Announcement].

July 8, 2020

LibLynx De Gruyter partners with LibLynx for Identity, Access and Analytics. Gruyter is partnering with LibLynx to power identity, access and analytics for their new digital publishing platform. De Gruyter's goal is a highly customized digital platform that allows the publishing house to become more user-centered and data-driven and react much more flexibly to customer needs. In particular, they want to explore more efficient and innovative approaches that support a diverse portfolio of subscription and open access content. [Full Announcement].

August 19, 2019

LibLynx LibLynx and PSI partner on real-time open access usage reporting. LibLynx is partnering with PSI, the company behind, to deliver real time usage metrics to organisations wanting to understand who is accessing their Open Access content. [Full Announcement].

May 18, 2019

LibLynx Infobase selects LibLynx to provide COUNTER Reporting & Analytics. Infobase has selected LibLynx to provide COUNTER-compliant reporting and related business intelligence across its portfolio of brands, including Facts On File, Films On Demand, and Learn360. [Full Announcement].

April 18, 2019

LibLynx Emerald partners with LibLynx for Identity, Access, and COUNTER. Emerald Publishing is partnering with us in developing their new Emerald Insight digital research platform. We’ll be powering authentication and identity management across a broad range of use cases as well as providing COUNTER-compliant reporting. [Full Announcement].

May 30, 2017

LibLynx Delta think and LibLynx partner to simplify institutional access to the OA data analytics tool. Delta Think and LibLynx today announced a partnership to further enhance the user experience of Delta Think’s groundbreaking Open Access Data Analytics Tool. [Full Announcement].

February 7, 2017

LibLynx Odyssey Networks select LibLynx to manage access for new institutional service . Odyssey Networks, a nonprofit focusing on using media to build interfaith understanding, has selected LibLynx to provide access management for their new, institutional service. [Full Announcement].

January 31, 2017

LibLynx Announcing LibLynx Gateway, a new e-resource access solution for Libraries. LibLynx, an independent provider of cloud-based Identity and Access management solutions, is launching LibLynx Gateway, an online resource access management tool for libraries. [Full Announcement].

August 8, 2016

LibLynx selects LibLynx to manage access to streaming video. LibLynx announced that, a French media business described as “the closest thing to a classical Netflix” by the New York Times, has chosen LibLynx Connect to manage access to its new educational platform. [Full Announcement].

May 26, 2016

LibLynx LibLynx offers full integration with Squid Solutions' analytics. LibLynx announced a new integration partnership with Squid Solutions, a provider of cloud-based data repository and advanced analytics applications that enable publishers to better understand how users engage with their content. The huge benefit for publishers is that we can quickly and effortlessly feed the output of our identity & access management API directly into their data repository. [Full Announcement].

January 22, 2016

LibLynx LibLynx now offers COUNTER compliant usage reporting. LibLynx we now offers COUNTER compliant reporting and consulting to help clients navigate the COUNTER compliance process. As many of you will know, COUNTER is an international initiative to provide libraries with more credible, compatible and consistent usage reports for the online resources that they rely on. It works through published Codes of Practice that specify the content, format, delivery mechanisms and data processing rules for a set of core usage reports. [Full Announcement].

December 15, 2015

LibLynx Alexander Street Press engages LibLynx to develop custom SSO solution. Alexander Street Press have engaged LibLynx to develop a custom Single Sign-On (SSO) solution that extends their access management system across two new technical platforms. [Full Announcement].