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May 23, 2022 Materiom partners with to create a database for regenerative materials. has recently partnered with Materiom to help building the world's largest database and research community of material science knowledge to aid the transition away from petrochemicals. With the automated extraction and systematizing of the content, recipes and ensuing properties of materials from more than 50,000 articles, Materiom will have laid a solid foundation for their groundbreaking community of researchers. This database will then be published on Materiom's platform to speed up R&D processes and market entry of regenerative materials. This will ultimately lead to reduced plastics pollution, and the creation of a materials economy that benefits ecological regeneration. [Full Announcement].

March 23, 2022 launches the Researcher Workspace AI powered tool suite improving research document processing for R&D., developer of AI tools for processing scientific research, launches a new platform the Researcher Workspace. The purpose of this comprehensive suite of tools is to help researchers in industry and academia, librarians and students follow their own research process. Modules include a visual content based search, analysis of document sets, extracting and systematizing data points, automatically writing summaries of multiple documents and very powerful filters based on context descriptions, the machine's analysis, or specific data points or entities. [Full Announcement].

March 3, 2022 and CORE cooperate to build AI Chemist. CORE and are extremely pleased to announce the initiation of a new research collaboration funded by the Norwegian Research Council. Discovering scientific insights about a specific topic is challenging, particularly in an area like chemistry which is one of the top-five most published fields with over 11 million publications and 307,000 patents. The team at have spent the last 5 years building an award-winning AI engine for scientific text understanding. Their patented algorithms for identifying text similarity, extracting tabular data and creating domain-specific entity representations mean they are world leaders in this domain. [Full Announcement].

February 25, 2022 collaborates with the University of Helsinki to enhance the research discovery operations of students, researchers and librarians.., a world leading developer of AI tools for scientific research, is moving into its fourth year of collaboration with the University of Helsinki to provide AI powered tools for an effective literature discovery & review process. The University of Helsinki started a pilot collaboration with on April 1st 2018 to test the core tools that enable searching, filtering and result list analysis. After successful evaluation, the university agreed on a continued license to foster AI literacy among students and support their research needs with the state-of-the-art technology. Thus, the Helsinki University Library acts as an innovation hub that attracts a lot of students and patrons who want to stay ahead of the curve with the AI-power research techniques. [Full Announcement].