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May 15, 2024

IGI Global IGI Global and Scite partner to fortify the next generation of citations. Scite, an award-winning platform used by students and researchers to discover and better understand scientific literature, has partnered with IGI Global, an independent academic publisher of research books and journals in Business and Management; Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM); and Education, to enhance citations and create deeper research insights for its global audience. IGI Global joins over 40 major and mid-sized publishers as they collaborate with Scite to enrich Smart Citations. Pioneered by Scite, Smart Citations go beyond traditional citations by showing citation statements, which indicate where references are used within citing articles and classify whether the paper provides supporting or contrasting evidence to the cited claim. To date, Scite has analyzed and indexed over 1.3B citation statements extracted from more than 37M full-text articles. [Full Announcement].

April 24, 2024

IGI Global Participate in the IGI Global Annual Academic Publishing Trends & Open Access Survey 2024. During the past few years, academic research and publishing has faced many disruptions and challenges including predatory publishing, transparency in metrics, the push for open access, and now recently, the greater prevalence of Artificial Intelligence. Now in its second year, the IGI Global Annual Academic Publishing Trends & Open Access Survey 2024 seeks to create a realistic outlook on problems faced by the academic community and their potential solutions. In less than five minutes, researchers, librarians, and academicians every where can lend their voices to initiate change within academic research and publishing by participating in this survey. [Full Announcement].

April 10, 2024

IGI Global Nearly 90% of IGI Global's Frontlist Books Now Indexed in Scopus. IGI Global, a leading publisher of academic research, announces a significant achievement in its commitment to publishing excellence. The majority of the publisher's frontlist books are currently recognized by the prestigious index, Scopus, a testament to its dedication to producing high-quality academic and scholarly works. Nearly 90% of IGI Global's 2023 copyright year (approximately 600 books) are included in the most recent indexing update provided by Scopus. Also, nearly a third of IGI Global's current 2024 copyright year has already been indexed. [Full Announcement].

March 2, 2024

IGI Global Doody's includes IGI Global books in their special topics list. IGI Global announced that two of its books have been selected for the Doody's Special Topics List published on January 2, 2024. The list, published by Doody Enterprises, identifies the best titles on the topic of Trust & Distrust in Healthcare for health sciences library collections. The books selected are Health Communication Models and Practices in Interpersonal and Media Contexts: Emerging Research and Opportunities (ISBN: 9781799843962), authored by Dr. Célia Belim and Dr. Cristina Vaz de Almeida, and Research Anthology on Improving Health Literacy Through Patient Communication and Mass Media (ISBN: 9781668424148), edited by Information Resources Management Association. The selection team was comprised of three seasoned health information professionals: Catisha Benjamin, Children's Hospital Colorado; Francesca Frati, McGill University; and Nitnin Verma, Arizona State University. [Full Announcement].

February 12, 2024

IGI Global IGI Global launches five new AI-focused open access journals. IGI Global, a leading international academic publisher, is pleased to announce the addition of five new open access Artificial Intelligence (AI) journals to its current 200+ fully open access journals published under IGI Global's Open Access Journal Program. [Full Announcement].

January 23, 2024

IGI Global IGI Global expands journal collaboration with ResearchGate for content syndication and visibility. IGI Global announced that it has signed a new agreement with ResearchGate, the premier platform for global scientific content discovery and networking. This transformative partnership involves the inclusion of numerous IGI Global highly-indexed journals (Web of Science (WOS) as well as Scopus) with full dedicated pages on the ResearchGate platform. These journals aggregate into IGI Global's Open Access Journal Program ( that proudly touts nearly 200 scholarly journals. This new partnership will allow the global research community to benefit from greater discoverability and access to published content from IGI Global's 200 Open Access Journals Program free of charge, as these journals are all fully open access. Furthermore, the new collaboration between IGI Global and ResearchGate aims to increase the visibility of IGI Global published research and assist IGI Global authors in achieving higher impact for their published work. [Full Announcement].

January 17, 2024

IGI Global IGI Global Announces discontinuation of E-Book availability on Gale e-Book Platform. IGI Global, a leading international academic publisher, has opted to discontinue offering its e-books on the Gale e-Book platform, effective April 1st, 2024. Libraries and institutions that have previously acquired IGI Global e-books through Gale will retain access to their purchased e-books. However, effective April 1st, 2024, it is important to note that new IGI Global e-books will no longer be accessible on the Gale e-Book platform. Furthermore, all existing e-books will be removed from this platform, and libraries, institutions, and consortiums will no longer be able to acquire them through Gale. [Full Announcement].

January 4, 2024

IGI Global IGI Global announces new award recognizing outstanding journal reviewers. IGI Global, a leading international academic publisher, announced the launch of its new “Reviewer of The Year Award” sponsored by IGI Global's Open Access Journal Program ( This award recognizes the valuable contributions of IGI Global's journal editorial board members and is presented annually to the top reviewers (editorial review board members and associate editors) across IGI Global's 200+ scholarly open access journals. [Full Announcement].

November 13, 2023

IGI Global IGI Global releases annual OA survey results on researcher perceptions surrounding open access publishing support. IGI Global, an independent international academic publishing house, recently challenged the validity of the presumption in the publishing industry that the basic concepts and principles of open access (OA) are commonly understood by all researchers in academic communities around the globe. Recent discoveries suggest the reality is that researchers worldwide appear to not be as well-versed in the dynamics of OA as previously thought, and at the same time, hold strong opinions on OA publishing support. In their first “IGI Global OA Annual Academic Publishing Trends and Open Access Survey” they measured the issues, challenges, and opportunities related to scholarly OA publishing in modern days, which includes an assessment of OA trends. The survey was sent to over 200,000 worldwide researchers of all ages, experiences, fields, ethnicities, etc. The survey results revealed some unexpected discoveries regarding OA publishing, especially surrounding the knowledge and support, or lack thereof, currently available to prospective authors. [Full Announcement].

July 29, 2023

IGI Global IGI Global signs agreement with AI-powered research library Zendy. IGI Global has signed a licensing agreement with Zendy, the AI-powered research library. With this agreement, IGI Global's extensive collection of open access content, including their fully transformed open access journal portfolio as well as book content across subject areas including Business and Management; Scientific, Technical, & Medical (STM); and Education, will become available to Zendy's fast-growing user base. [Full Announcement].

June 5, 2023

IGI Global Breaking Barriers: IGI Global Achieves remarkable open access transformation of its full journal collection (175 Journals) in just two years. In an impressive feat of transformation, IGI Global successfully transitioned to a gold open access model within a span of less than two years. Today, all 175+ IGI Global journals covering a wide range of subjects, including Business and Management; Scientific, Technical, & Medical; and Education topics, are openly accessible to researchers and readers around the world. [Full Announcement].

May 10, 2023

IGI Global IGI Global launches free research Tool, InfoScipedia. IGI Global, a leading independent academic publisher, has launched its InfoScipedia search tool, providing a valuable resource for academic researchers, students, educators, and professionals working in the fields of business, STM (science, technology, and medicine), and education. The InfoScipedia search tool is a comprehensive collection of over 110,000 terms and 250,000 definitions derived from IGI Global's growing collection of 8,000+ books and 175+ journals. It defines terms, and also links users with advanced research papers covering topics aligned with the term that had been searched. This feature provides users with a powerful time-saving tool that offers access to cutting-edge research papers, enabling them to stay up to date with the latest developments in their fields. [Full Announcement].

January 24, 2023

IGI Global IGI Global integrates with CORE to offer greater open research accessibility. IGI Global, international academic publisher, has recently integrated with CORE, the world's largest aggregator of open access research papers from existing repositories and journals. IGI Global welcomes the opportunity to add their nearly 4,000 highly cited and readily discoverable open access papers to CORE's millions of papers from other credible data providers around the world to increase the discoverability of open access research. [Full Announcement].

November 26, 2022

IGI Global The Association of Global Open Science and Research (AGOSR) is seeking publisher members. IGI Global, a leading medium-sized independent academic publisher of international scientific research is the founding member of The Association of Global Open Science and Research, which has now officially launched. AGOSR is an alliance of publishers, libraries, institutions, Open Access (OA) funders, and service providers that is committed to the growth of a diverse and equal community dedicated to the development of open research and the sharing of open resources to researchers across the globe. [Full Announcement].

IGI Global IGI Global releases second Platinum OA reference book in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus. IGI Global, a leading medium-sized independent academic publisher of international scientific research, has collaborated with the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus to launch the publisher's second Platinum Open Access reference book, New Models of Higher Education: Unbundled, Rebundled, Customized, and DIY. [Full Announcement].

July 27, 2022

IGI Global IGI Global to convert full journal collection to Gold open access. IGI Global will be converting the remainder of their hybrid/subscription-based journal collection to gold Open Access beginning January 1st, 2023. IGI Global's full collection will contain 175 gold OA journals and one platinum OA journal. Each journal can be accessed directly through their respective webpages and can be easily integrated into libraries' discovery systems. [Full Announcement].

July 25, 2022

IGI Global IGI Global and ResearchGate sign agreement for open access content syndication. IGI Global has signed an agreement with ResearchGate, the professional network for researchers, to establish a partnership for Open Access content syndication. This agreement will see the addition of all of IGI Global's OA content to ResearchGate's platform of millions of researchers worldwide. [Full Announcement].

July 11, 2022

IGI Global IGI Global Signs the Declaration on Research Assessment. IGI Global, a medium sized independent academic publisher based in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA has signed the Declaration on Research Assessment. The worldwide initiative aims to implement practical and robust approaches to research assessment globally and across all scholarly disciplines. [Full Announcement].

June 23, 2022

IGI Global IGI Global offers open access agreements and transformative options. IGI Global, a leading medium-sized international academic publisher, is now offering unique Open Access Agreements, Transformative Options, and Publish & Read Agreements that can help provide institutions with the flexibility needed to participate and promote OA publishing within their faculty. [Full Announcement].

IGI Global Auckland University of Technology enters open access agreement with IGI Global. IGI Global, a medium-sized independent academic research publisher, is proud to announce a new Open Access agreement with Auckland University of Technology. This influential university has invested in an OA fund to support their faculty and staff's research through IGI Global's Open Access Agreement option. This fully OA agreement provides coverage for Article Processing Charges that will be utilized by the university's faculty to publish their research under OA with IGI Global. [Full Announcement].