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May 13, 2022

HathiTrust Announcing Phase 3 of the HathiTrust Shared Print Program. The HathiTrust Shared Print Program turns five this year and will launch Phase 3, the “Unique Non-Circulating Collection.” Building on earlier phases, which established initial retention libraries and focused on collection analysis, this phase will center on securing commitments on unique, non-circulating, single-part monographs held in our digital library and at member institutions. [Full Announcement].

December 5, 2016

HathiTrust Big (and Open) Data for Scholarship of All Sizes: A New Release of the HathiTrust Research Center Extracted Features Dataset. HathiTrust today announces the release of a significantly expanded open dataset, the HathiTrust Research Center Extracted Features Dataset, Version 1.0. This dataset provides researchers with open access to data extracted from the full text of the HathiTrust Digital Library at an unprecedented scale. [Full Announcement].

October 4, 2016

HathiTrust Latin American Collections Now Available in Digital Repository. More than 500,000 books from the stacks of the Benson Latin American Collection, a trove of treasures related to Latin America, have been digitized and are now accessible online. The project is part the University of Texas Libraries partnership with Google to digitize books and other literature to create a massive digital repository. The HathiTrust Digital Library was established in 2008, built upon digital content from research libraries culled from the original Google Books project — in which the UT Libraries were a partner — and the Internet Archive initiative, along with content digitized through partner projects. The volumes related to Latin American culture and history have been added to the HathiTrust Digital Library to be fully searchable online. UT Libraries became a partner member of HathiTrust in 2014, and in doing so, provided to the university community access to the project’s repository of more than 14 million volumes gathered from more than 100 partner institutions. [Full Announcement].

November 7, 2013

HathiTrust Announcing Zephir, HathiTrust's new bibliographic metadata management system. HathiTrust announced the release of a new, state-of-the-art bibliographic management system for its 11-million volume digital repository. The new system, called Zephir, is developed and managed by the California Digital Library, and represents the first distributed development of a major repository component outside the University of Michigan. [Full Announcement].

August 23, 2013

HathiTrust HathiTrust Research Center awarded grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $437,000 to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in partnership with Indiana University for an exciting new project in the HathiTrust Research Center. The "Workset Creation for Scholarly Analysis: Prototyping Project" project will be directed by HTRC Co-director and GSLIS Associate Dean for Research J. Stephen Downie, GSLIS-affiliated faculty member and Professor of Library Administration Timothy Cole, and Beth Plale of Indiana University. [Full Announcement].

June 18, 2013

HathiTrust HathiTrust to partner with DPLA. The HathiTrust Digital Library will partner with the recently launched Digital Public Library of America to expand discovery and use of HathiTrust’s public domain and other openly available content. [Full Announcement].

April 18, 2011

HathiTrust IU, University of Illinois launch HathiTrust Research Center for computational access to archives. A new collaborative research center launched jointly by Indiana University and the University of Illinois, along with the HathiTrust Digital Repository will develop cutting-edge software tools and cyberinfrastructure to enable advanced computational access to the growing digital record of human knowledge. The HathiTrust Research Center will enable open access for nonprofit and educational users to published works in the public domain (as well as limited access to works under copyright) stored within HathiTrust, an extensive collaborative digital library of more than 8 million volumes and 2 billion pages of archived material maintained by major research institutions and libraries worldwide. Leveraging data storage infrastructure at Indiana University and computational resources at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the HTRC will provision a secure computational and data environment for scholars to perform research using the HathiTrust Digital Repository. The center will break new ground in the areas of text mining and non-consumptive research, allowing scholars to fully utilize content of the HathiTrust Library while preventing intellectual property misuse within the confines of current U.S. copyright law. [Full Announcement].

April 4, 2011

HathiTrust HathiTrust Certified as Trustworthy Repository. HathiTrust has been certified as a trustworthy digital repository by the Center for Research Libraries through their rigorous Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification assessment program. Only a small number of digital repositories have been granted this certification. [Full Announcement].

December 17, 2009

HathiTrust Columbia University Libraries Joins HathiTrust. The Columbia University Libraries has become the newest member of HathiTrust, a shared repository for the digitized content from academic and research libraries. The Libraries plans to contribute public domain volumes digitized through its partnerships with Google, Microsoft and the Internet Archive. [Full Announcement].

November 30, 2009

HathiTrust HathiTrust offers full-text search of millions of digitized books and journals. A year after its launch by 25 leading U.S. research libraries, HathiTrust Digital Library announces a service that will transform how researchers use the more than 1.6 billion pages (4.6 million volumes) in its collections. [Full Announcement].

November 11, 2008

HathiTrust HathiTrust Releases Experimental Full-Text Search Feature: Approximately 350,000 Public Domain Works Included. HathiTrust is currently experimenting with large-scale full text searching as part of an effort to create a mechanism to search across the entire repository. As an initial public beta of full text search functionality, we are offering a simple mechanism to search across all of the fully viewable works (both those in the public domain and those for which we have permissions) and a sprinkling of search-only works. [Full Announcement].

October 13, 2008

HathiTrust Major Library Partners Launch HathiTrust Shared Digital Repository. A group of the nation’s largest research libraries are collaborating to create a repository of their vast digital collections, including millions of books, organizers announced today. These holdings will be archived and preserved in a single repository called the HathiTrust. Materials in the public domain will be available for reading online. As of today, HathiTrust contains more than 2 million volumes and approximately ¾ of a billion pages, about 16 percent of which are in the public domain. Public domain materials will be available for reading online. Materials protected by copyright, although not available for reading online, are given the full range of digital archiving services, thereby offering member libraries a reliable means to preserve their collections. Organizers also expect to use those materials in the research and development of the Trust. [Full Announcement].