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January 20, 2023

EveryLibrary New policy brief about state obscenity laws targeting libraries and education. The EverLibrary Institute is releasing a new Policy Brief "Opposing Attempts to Criminalize Libraries and Education Through State Obscenity Laws" to help state library associations anticipate this legislation and properly prepare to oppose unnecessary politicized changes to settled state law. [Full Announcement].

January 9, 2023

EveryLibrary The EveryLibrary Institute is excited to provide public access to the San Jose State University iSchool's interactive map. The EveryLibrary Institute is excited to provide public access to the San Jose State University iSchool's interactive map. The map will help researchers and job searchers understand the requirements to become a school librarian in each state. The project also includes data from the SLIDE Project regarding school library/librarian ratios by state and as well as national reading scores for further opportunities to understand relationships between required school librarians, school libraries, etc. and academic achievement. [Full Announcement].

November 9, 2022

EveryLibrary Voters Approve Most Library Levys, But Two Libraries Face Closer Following Defunding Campaigns. Voters in sixteen states were asked to decide on the future of their libraries last night in over 55 elections tracked by EveryLibrary, the national political action committee for libraries. Overall, support for library funding renewals, building projects, and district measures were high. From Ohio and Michigan to Colorado, Texas, and California, voters endorsed funding measures during a very uncertain civic and social climate for libraries. However, two libraries were defunded following significant censorship and book ban campaigns and face significant cuts or closure. With reporting slowed down by mail-in counting in some jurisdictions, a full count will have to wait. [Full Announcement].

September 29, 2022

EveryLibrary Library Advocacy and Funding Conference (LAFCON) 2022 reframes political action and organizing for libraries. The Library Advocacy and Funding Conference will help library leaders and advocates build new skills and better networks to address long-standing problems with library funding in communities and schools. On September 26 -28, 2022, EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute hosted LAFCON 2022 to help librarians stand up to defend the core principles of librarianship and equip themselves to overcome politically motivated attacks on education and our anchor institutions. [Full Announcement].

June 16, 2022

EveryLibrary EveryLibrary launches Banned Book Store, Internet's most comprehensive store of banned books. EveryLibrary, the 501C4 political action committee dedicated to building voter support for libraries, has announced the launch of their Banned Book Store at The Banned Book Store is the most comprehensive store of currently banned and challenged books in the United States. Proceeds from the book store go to support the work of EveryLibrary. Every $1 raised helps secure over $1,600 in stable library funding. [Full Announcement].

May 19, 2022

EveryLibrary Where did you get that book? Freckle survey investigates the role of libraries and reading in American culture. The Freckle Report is a survey and review of consumer reading habits. Since 2019, the Freckle Report releases a full report of the ways in which consumer reading habits are changing and the role books play in American culture. Freckle Report has just released its half-year check-in survey, performed in conjunction with support from EveryLibrary Institute, a national policy think tank for libraries. [Full Announcement].

March 25, 2022

EveryLibrary Censored Authors Speak: A round table discussion about book banning in America hosted by nonprofit EveryLibrary on April 6th. Book banning efforts are on the rise in America. Across the country, school and community libraries are facing challenges to books about sexual and racial identity. To address this issue, EveryLibrary will host a roundtable discussion on April 6. The title of the discussion is: Censored Authors Speak: A round table discussion about book banning in America. [Full Announcement].

March 17, 2022

EveryLibrary Wyoming Libraries launch new statewide advocacy program. The Wyoming Library Association, EveryLibrary, and the EveryLibrary Institute are pleased to announce a new advocacy partnership program to benefit libraries across Wyoming. The partnership is focused on building new and more positive visibility for libraries in communities, schools, and campuses in every corner of Wyoming. The partnership program will include the development of a public-facing digital advocacy and outreach campaign, training and support for library leaders on communications and partnerships, and new systems of support for association policy and funding priorities. [Full Announcement].

January 10, 2022

EveryLibrary Two reports released by EveryLibrary Institute reveals inequity in access to School Libraries, Challenges in Education System; EveryLibrary issues call-to-action about Educators for America Act and School Librarians. This month marks 20 years since President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act into law. NCLB created a new framework for education which has remade public education in ways that still impact teaching and learning today. Prior to 2002, standardized testing was less prevalent at all grade levels and there was no standardized report card to measure successful or failing schools across the nation. It is worth remembering that after NCLB came into effect, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of school librarians at work for students in many states. The last several years have been a tumultuous time for school libraries. Just how tumultuous has been outlined in two reports recently released by EveryLibrary Institute. [Full Announcement].

December 17, 2021

EveryLibrary Independent literary site Book Riot will match donations up to $5,000 made by readers to non-profit EveryLibrary, to combat proposed censorship measures across the United States. From Monday, December 20 to Wednesday, December 22, Book Riot will be matching all donations made by our readers to EveryLibrary, up to $5,000 USD. These funds will be earmarked for anti-censorship efforts across the US. More specifically, they'll be used to identify and deploy a coalition of citizens like you who care about the right to read in communities where that freedom is being challenged: Everylibrary Giving Campaign. [Full Announcement].

November 16, 2021

EveryLibrary EveryLibrary Petition fights censorship, supports libraries. Proposed censorship measures in several states could lead to librarians facing criminal charges as a result of their commitment to free speech and access to library materials. Librarians around the United States are facing measures that mean that they may soon find themselves under attack for stocking books against racism and about the lives and experiences of LGBT Americans. [Full Announcement].

July 15, 2021

EveryLibrary The EveryLibrary Institute acquires is now a Social Enterprise venture of the EveryLibrary Institute, NFP, a non-partisan library-focused 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the future of libraries and literacy across the globe. [Full Announcement].

March 12, 2021

EveryLibrary School Librarians Combat Second Wave of COVID Slide EveryLibrary Provides Support. COVID-19 disruptions have had an impact on students' performance since the start of the pandemic in 2020. News outlets and professional organizations around the world began reporting on how schools were transitioning during this time of emergency remote learning with success or a lack of based on the resources available to them at the time. Social media platforms were flooded with stories from within homes as the stay-at-home orders crept deeper into the daily lives of citizens across the world. [Full Announcement].

August 20, 2020

EveryLibrary The EveryLibrary Institute Presents: Library Advocacy and Funding Virtual Conference September 14-16th. The EveryLibrary Institute is a national 501c3 non-profit with a mission to support libraries and librarians in the United States and abroad, is proud to announce its first Library Advocacy and Funding Virtual Conference! This unique conference dedicated to libraries is bringing in hand-selected experts from a wide range of fields to train library workers, supporters, and organizations about building support for library funding and legislation. [Full Announcement].

May 1, 2019

EveryLibrary CILIP and EveryLibrary Institute announce new partnership for libraries. CILIP, the UK’s library and information association and the US-based Charitable Non-profit, the EveryLibrary Institute have announced an innovative new partnership to help librarians and information professionals across England build political support and improve future funding for libraries. The new partnership will harness the skills and networks of both organizations to transform the ability of public libraries to engage and demonstrate public support. Thanks to a generous grant from the Arts Council England, the project will allow CILIP to provide a new GDPR-compliant digital advocacy platform for library supporters. [Full Announcement].