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September 29, 2022

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services releases Serials Price Projection Report for 2023. EBSCO Information Services has published the 2023 Serials Price Projection Report. This year's report projects that the overall effective publisher price increases for academic and academic medical libraries are expected to be (before any currency impact) in the range of three to five percent for individual e-journal titles, two to three percent for e-journal packages and four to six percent for print titles. [Full Announcement].

September 20, 2022

EBSCO Information Services Introducing BookChat. Staffed by NoveList experts, BookChat provides on-demand book suggestions and readers' advisory help and can be added to your NoveList Plus subscription. It allows library patrons and staff to connect directly to one of our BookChat Specialists to help them with whatever recommendation assistance they need. [Full Announcement].

August 31, 2022

EBSCO Information Services MOBIUS selects FOLIO via EBSCO Information Services and ReShare Returnables from Project ReShare. MOBIUS has announced that it has selected and will be implementing EBSCO FOLIO from EBSCO Information Services as its new library services platform as well as ReShare Returnables from Project ReShare as its new resource sharing system. These two new systems will replace Innovative Interfaces' Sierra and INN-Reach systems. MOBIUS will begin the migration process in late 2022 with plans to be fully operational by the spring of 2024. Both EBSCO FOLIO and ReShare Returnables are truly modern systems based on the way today's libraries work. FOLIO is a community driven, open source platform that supports traditional library operations just like a traditional integrated library system and positions MOBIUS for greater community collaboration around knowledge management. FOLIO was launched in 2016 and it was designed to encourage innovation. EBSCO FOLIO provides hosting and service support from EBSCO Information Services as part of EBSCO FOLIO Services. [Full Announcement].

August 22, 2022

EBSCO Information Services NoveList launches BookChat. NoveList, a division of EBSCO Information Services, has launched BookChat, a service designed to help libraries better provide high-quality readers' advisory services to patrons via an optional chat service found inside NoveList Plus. BookChat will support libraries that may lack the staff resources, hours or expertise to provide fast and easy recommendations to patrons on the spot. BookChat is available through NoveList Plus, a database of book recommendations for library staff who provide readers' advisory services. BookChat will deliver expert assistance directly to users from NoveList specialists with years of readers' advisory and library experience across a wide range of genres and ages. [Full Announcement].

August 11, 2022

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services and Ex Libris integrate serials subscription renewal process between EBSCONET Subscription Management and Alma. EBSCO Information Services and Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, have partnered to support libraries by integrating the serials subscription renewal process between EBSCONET Subscription Management and Alma, the library services platform from Ex Libris. The development work between EBSCONET and Alma significantly improves internal workflows for mutual customers by reducing the need to update multiple systems. [Full Announcement].

July 27, 2022

EBSCO Information Services GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO now available through Talis Aspire. E-book offerings available in GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO are now visible in Talis Aspire for all e-suppliers with whom the customer has an active relationship via GOBI. The offerings displayed in Talis from GOBI will include the access model, whether the model is DRM-free, the customer-specific estimated net price and offerings previously purchased through GOBI. [Full Announcement].

June 29, 2022

EBSCO Information Services Más de cincuenta bibliotecas y sistemas bibliotecarios utilizan EBSCO FOLIO. Más de cincuenta universidades y sistemas bibliotecarios alrededor del mundo han adoptado en su totalidad la Plataforma de Servicios Bibliotecarios de EBSCO FOLIO o han utilizado la Gestión de Recursos Electrónicos de EBSCO FOLIO a través de los servicios que ofrece EBSCO FOLIO. Los centros y sistemas que han incorporado EBSCO FOLIO se han beneficiado de la experiencia en la implementación, el alojamiento y los servicios de apoyo disponibles a través de EBSCO Information Services. Aunque la mayoría ha implementado el LSP completo, las bibliotecas y los sistemas también han adoptado las herramientas de ERM existentes o han instituido por primera vez su ERM aprovechando EBSCO FOLIO. [Full Announcement].

June 24, 2022

EBSCO Information Services More than fifty libraries and library systems live on EBSCO FOLIO Library Services Platform. More than fifty universities and library systems across the globe have now adopted the full EBSCO FOLIO Library Services Platform or leveraged EBSCO FOLIO Electronic Resource Management via EBSCO FOLIO Services. The sites and systems that have adopted EBSCO FOLIO have leveraged the implementation expertise, hosting and support services available through EBSCO Information Services. While most have implemented the full LSP, libraries and systems have also moved from existing ERM tools or instituted their first-ever ERM leveraging EBSCO FOLIO. [Full Announcement].

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services announces partnership with Clever. EBSCO Information Services is partnering with Clever, the most widely-used single sign-on portal for schools in the United States. This partnership serves as a solution for schools looking to streamline access to their EBSCO resources for students and teachers. Clever provides school districts with a single portal for their digital learning tools, where students and teachers have seamless access, eliminating the need to remember unique usernames and passwords for each tool. [Full Announcement].

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services Announces 2022 EBSCO Solar Grant Winners. EBSCO Information Services will be awarding $300,000 in grants to four libraries looking to further their sustainability goals. John D. MacArthur Campus Library at Florida Atlantic University, Florida; Shirley M. Wright Memorial Library, Wisconsin; Lincoln Library, Vermont; and Alan Batey Library and Learning Commons at Camosun College, British Columbia, Canada, will each receive an EBSCO Solar Grant to pay for the installation of a solar array. The grants offset the cost of installing solar panels and allow the libraries to reduce their electricity expenditures. [Full Announcement].

June 21, 2022

EBSCO Information Services GOBI Library Solutions now supports e-books on the Platform. GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO now supports e-books on the platform, making more than 13,000 DRM-free title-by-title social sciences and humanities French e-books available through GOBI. All titles on the platform offer DRM-free, unlimited simultaneous user access and are available worldwide. [Full Announcement].

June 7, 2022

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services introduces JSTOR's Open Community Collections in EBSCO Discovery Service. EBSCO Information Services announces the availability of JSTOR Open Community Collections through EBSCO Discovery Service. EDS users will gain access to a breadth of freely accessible primary source content including artwork, photographs, publications, recordings, and other artifacts from library collections around the world, strengthening the depth and quality of their research. [Full Announcement].

May 24, 2022

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services Releases UK & Ireland Points of View Reference Centre. EBSCO Information Services introduces UK & Ireland Points of View Reference Centre, a full-text database covering a wide variety of issues and current events relevant to students in the UK and Ireland. The database offers high-quality content that presents multiple sides of current issues to help students assess and craft persuasive arguments, better understand controversial topics, and develop critical thinking and debate skills. [Full Announcement].

May 5, 2022

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services creates largest collections of leading nursing and allied health literature and biomedical journals. EBSCO Information Services introduced CINAHL Ultimate and MEDLINE Ultimate to offer nursing and medical students the largest full-text collections of leading journals and literature from all over the world. The new resources offer more full text of top journals and international coverage than any other CINAHL or MEDLINE database. [Full Announcement].

May 2, 2022

EBSCO Information Services Tasmanian Department of Health partners with EBSCO Information Services to create online resource portal. The Tasmanian Department of Health has launched a newly enhanced state-wide online resource portal, Electronic Portal for Online Clinical Help, available for clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals and administrators in the local public healthcare system. EBSCO Information Services will build the portal, supply and manage online resources and provide support services to the Department of Health. [Full Announcement].

April 26, 2022

EBSCO Information Services GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO werkt samen met Knowledge Unlatched om open-access-initiatieven van academische bibliotheken te ondersteunen. GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCOondersteunt nu het open access model voor e-books van Knowledge Unlatched en biedt academische bibliotheken daarmee de mogelijkheid OA-financieringsinitiatieven in hun GOBI-workflow te steunen. De toevoeging van het Open Research Library e-bookplatform aan GOBI maakt de volledige collectie op crowdfunding gebaseerde OA-producten van KU beschikbaar voor GOBI-klanten wereldwijd. [Full Announcement].

April 25, 2022

EBSCO Information Services GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO partners with Knowledge Unlatched to support open access initiatives in academic libraries. GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO now supports the Knowledge Unlatched Open Access e-books funding model, providing the opportunity for academic libraries to support OA funding initiatives within their GOBI workflow. The addition of the Knowledge Unlatched Open Research Library E-Book platform will make the complete collection of Knowledge Unlatched OA crowdfunding products available to GOBI customers worldwide. [Full Announcement].

April 13, 2022

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services and Dataly Tech Offer FOLIO Implementation Services for Libraries in Greece and Cyprus. EBSCO Information Services and Dataly Tech have partnered to support libraries adopting the FOLIO Library Services Platform. EBSCO and Dataly Tech with the EBSCO FOLIO team will collaborate to provide reliable local hosting and support services to libraries in Greece and Cyprus who select the FOLIO platform. [Full Announcement].

March 11, 2022

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services' Oliver Pesch is Awarded NISO Fellow Award. EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) Chief Product Strategist Oliver Pesch received the NISO Fellow Award. Oliver was selected by the NISO Board of Directors in recognition of his lifetime of achievement and engagement in standards and development. He was recognized based on his work in the areas of electronic resource management, improving electronic access to content at nearly every institution and at most electronic publishers. [Full Announcement].

February 16, 2022

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO introduces EBSCO Essentials a new starting point for users to search EBSCO content and connect to their libraries. EBSCO Information Services has created a way for any user to search EBSCO content even before they authenticate to their libraries and institutions. EBSCO Essentials is a way to reach more users –– users who typically begin their research on the open web. The site also introduces EBSCO resources to searchers who may not realize the depth and breadth of content available from the libraries and other institutions with which they are affiliated. EBSCO Essentials is similar to traditional library guest access and allows users to search EBSCO resources and gain access to full-text materials available via Open Access, while also being able to create personal accounts to save searches. The site is designed to help users who are conducting research online find better results by making it easier for those users to affiliate with and authenticate into libraries and institutions. Once users find EBSCO results, they will be able to affiliate with their institutions and authenticate. Once authenticated, users will be able to access additional full-text content provided by their libraries –– showcasing the value of libraries and prompting an increase in library usage. With new features and functionality to better assist users in finding and affiliating with their library, EBSCO Essentials is a streamlined way for end users to more easily discover and utilize the tremendous resources available through their libraries. [Full Announcement].